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  1. I'm disappointed that there has been no response to this after 2 weeks!
  2. Since the upgrade the system seems to be working normally except that when an order is received, the system no longer sends automatic emails: to Sales to notify them of the incoming order, and to the Customer acknowledging the order. I suspect that a procedure (or two) has got 'lost' during the upgrade, but as I know nothing of the internal structure of the Cubecart system, I don't know where to start looking. I'm hoping I can just copy the missing procedure(s) in from a backup to minimise disruption (ie I'd rather not have to revert to the previous version and try again). Something similar happened when we attempted to upgrade to 6.1.5 earlier in the year, but on that occasion we merely restored the previous version and stuck with it until now. I've noticed another recent post about a different problem with the 6.1.12 upgrade, and note that apparently we have both attempted to run the upgrade via the link on the Admin dashboard - apparently this has not been working for all recent 6.1.xx upgrades, and if this is so, I suggest it should be fixed or removed altogether. I note the link to the more complicated upgrade procedure given in the reply to that post.
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