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  1. For now I want to keep my shop simple and not use any api gizmos until I get it working simply and maybe never, if I don't really need them. Basically I just want to add at least 2 more links to my store, one is to the index.html that was the homepage before the shop was installed, and the other is to the MailChimp html page, which looks nice but hasn't been tested yet. So I'm thinking of putting those links at the bottom of the shop homepage, perhaps making the Follow Us into a homepage link, and the Mailing List into a link to the MailChimp signup page. The subscribe box I could leave there since it works, or remove it. This is not a major thing, just a tweak I think would be cool and make subscribing people easier.. Unlike my other problem caused by random caches in the cache folder, it looks like others have already inquired about modifying the footer of cubecart.. I'm looking at one thread now, and I may check some other threads too. Will check out the info and ideas and see what I can do. If it works, I will post here. I like MailChimp because if you keep the customer list under 2000, it's a free service and works well.
  2. Hi, I don't need the debug to figure out which variable is causing it. It looks to me like it is caused by one of these two, {$STORE.county} or {$STORE.postcode} and I know it's not {$STORE.postcode} because I left that one in the footer of the Print Order Form when I modified the file modules/gateway/print-order-form/skin/print.tpl and noticed that leaving it in it did nothing, so I left it there, and it makes no 0 or anything else there, so the variable must be {$STORE.county} I never entered a store county or even know where to enter it.. I will try deleting this one and see what it does.. Thanks
  3. I solved the problem with the default icon, I didn't know how to use the online photo editor correctly and didn't save changes correctly, but I managed to reduce it and re-upload it. I will be looking at the file above more closely and see if I can figure out what the 0 might be.
  4. Problem solved! Cubecart now prints the order form out in the Tsar's Russian, and I presume also in the Queens's English. I only had to change 2 of those files, and updated with my current username at new server.. The other files were duplicates of the same problem.. Now all I need to do is figure out how to remove that 0 from below my phone number, on the invoices. I presume that's a postal code or other field that isn't being used.. Is there a .tpl or other file that I can go to in order to modify the invoices? Thanks for the help, I was looking for the error logs both in cubecart and my server and couldn't locate anything before you posted the info! Jay
  5. Okay, I may have answered my own question about changing some files myself.. I checked the error codes out again and I think I see some problems I can work on.. These long error messages I checked, in the last file of the last long error I went and looked up in my shop. On line 23 I see bullioncube!, so I guess I will go over to each last file, and change any old url that's there to the current one, maybe that will help my cubecart shop to work a little better! I'm still thinking of upgrading to the latest version of cubecart, use it in a different folder, and with a separate db. Maybe the programmer I hired to make the mods on the old version can do it again with the latest version easily.. But I will do this first and see what happens
  6. Hi, I tested my shop's subscribe button out, works really well but since I use MailChimp I just need to take the mail list and re-input to the MailChimp list.. Is it possible to change the subscribe button so when the subscriber pushes the button they are taken to my MailChimp html page -- -- that way they can input themselves and I won't have to re-enter their info from the cubecart mailing list.. I'm using cubecart 6.0.12 Thanks for any ideas! Jay / bws
  7. Hi, I've checked out this forum many times in the past, and found a lot of ideas and info here. Now I have a problem that I can't solve and looks like I'm the first with this problem.. So today I registered to share my experience. I have a cubecart shop I've been working on, and have just moved it over to a new server. On the old server I was able to "check out" in Russian language using Print order Form, the only payment method I have set up. But was not able to get the UK English language checkout to work. When I checked out with the USA English it worked fine, and goes to step 3 ending with the form filled in and ready to print. On this new server neither British English nor Russian languages will check out, they only goes to step 2 and stop there, using Firefox browser. I also tried Explorer and Chrome, and they reported an HTTP 500 error with the server, after the blue checkout button was pushed. I'm okay with only having only the USA English to use, but would also like the option of adding Russian as a language and having it work in the future. The website is I'm using cubecart 6.0.12 Anyone have any ideas why this is happening?