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  1. This https://www.cubecart.com/extensions/code-snippets/send-registration-confirmation-email does not work unfortunately - it is checked as active snippet, but when happens an event of registration a test-customer there is no registration confirmation email as I expected ....
  2. Yes, the snippet I have installed is exactly: https://www.cubecart.com/extensions/code-snippets/send-registration-confirmation-email
  3. I am testing what happens on registering a new customer. Customer does not receive a confirmation e-mail. I have a Code Snippet: Manage Hooks -> Code Snippets -> Send registration confirmation email = checked as active, contains settings and php code. Is there any way on registration to be sent mentioned above: registration confirmation email ? Thanks!
  4. May I find a free skin with appearance in red color instead of green ?
  5. Thank you very much! It works Store2 using existing database. I need only to upload the images into Store2, because they are not in database.
  6. I am planning to abandone Store 1. How to do Store2 to use the existing database which contains about 60 products ?
  7. Currently do not work store 1 nor store 2. Store's 1 database contains about 60 products. Store's 2 database is empty. I would like to migrate from store 1 to store 2, because I afraid I have broken one or more files into strore 1. And finally I like more the domain name of store 2.
  8. Store 1 and store 2 are on the same hosting. May be it is more easy just to connect store 2 to database of store 1 and use it ? - How to connect store 2 to database of store 1 ?
  9. I am trying to export all the products from a store and then to import them to another store. 1 store: I press Export Catalogue, it opens a new browser tab containing many rows, I copy all into clipboard, then paste into an empty text-file = size 144.8 kb. 2 store: I press Import Catalogue, press Browse button, select the above file, press Save, then on the next page press Save and I see some activity happens, but nothing is Imported. How to do a successfull Import into store 2 ? Thanks!
  10. Thank you very much! You are absolutely right about my mistake in syntax of Smarty code into a template. After I repaired the syntax I have successfuly registered a test-customer even with reCAPTCHA v2 I am very happy. Thank you again!
  11. I have been added a little bit PHP code into some of templates, but it is very simple and shows only info, nothing more.
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