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  1. Our main customers are based in the UK same as we are so our website www.cam-equestrian.com is set as a default as GBP. But we are trying to find a plugin where if someone logs onto our website say from USA then the site will show all our prices automatic as US$ and if from anywhere else in the world then our website will automatically show in there local currency. If anyone could help us in being able to setup our website in this way i look forward to hearing from you. Many thanks Steve www.cam-equestrian.com
  2. Hope someone can help answer this currently we have cubecart setup as our main page on our website www.cam-equestrian.com. We are looking to move the store to say a page called www.cam-equestrian.com/store.html so that we can then re-design our first page of the website. Am I correct in thinking I can just change the file name from index.html to say store.html which would then leave index.html for our new homepage design? Hope this makes sense to some of you and I look forward to your help on this. Many thanks Steve www.cam-equestrian.com