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  1. Different currencies not working

    Is there anything further you could reccomend?
  2. Different currencies not working

    Thanks, thats a pity though, do you think we may be out of options for this in that case?
  3. Different currencies not working

    Also just adding to what you said, I have changed the default currency to Euro for testing and it is as you say, the payments on checkout are now only going to Euro as soon as it goes to Paypal.
  4. Different currencies not working

    Thanks bsmither Is this a service you can offer us? or would we need to source a Cubecart coder?
  5. Different currencies not working

    Thanks for your reply. Yes throughout checkout it will show the currency the customer chose, however as soon as it loads to the PayPal screen and they login it converts back to USD. Our Paypal accepts multiple currencies as we use the same PayPal account on other websites and payments come through in multiple currencies. Currently we only have Paypal setup as a payment processor. "If several currencies, the module would need to be coded to send the desired currency and correct converted amount. Then someone would need to be informed who pays for the international exchange fee." Would we need to get some custom work done to re code Cube Cart to send the desired currency and converted amount? As paypal stores the currency in the currency that was paid there should not be any exchange fees, (Unless we later change that currency back to USD)
  6. I have setup multiple currency on our Cubecart 4 website. We have AUD, USD, CAD, GBP etc. The currencies work perfect and all products show up in the correct price when changing currency, however when you go to checkout, no matter which currency you are in, it will put the payment through as USD. How can we fix this? Can anyone please help?
  7. Is there a way to display a digital product in more than one category? we are running Cubecart 4.
  8. Hi, Does anyone know how to retrieve products that I have accidentally deleted in Cubecart?
  9. Import digital products

    Thanks bsmither, thats what I was expecting, however when importing a file with these columns added "digital" & "digital path" I have the following problems. When I go to step 2 of the import there is nothing to map these two columns to, all the other fields are there except for digital and digital path. Secondly if I let the import go through without these two columns mapped it obviously imports them as Tangible products.
  10. Import digital products

    Is there anyway to import digital products by CSV? I accidentally clicked "erase and replace data" when importing some products and it erased all my digital products. I do have a CSV file which I previously exported which has all the products on it, however I can only seem to import tangible products. Can this CSV somehow be imported as digital products?