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  1. @disco_ii_discoYou mentioned "Google Shopping is brilliant though" above... I've been looking into the Google Shopping, and I'd like to have that automatically update based off of a feed. I've found in the Admin page "Product Feed Access Password", but I can't figure out where the actual file is so that I can provide that link to Google. Any ideas on where the file is, what it is called, and format? Any suggestions from your experience? TIA!
  2. It seems that ours uses the mobile skin, and I added that tag like this: <h3><a href="{$product.url}" title="{$product.name}">{$product.name}</a></h3> {$product.description_short} Now it looks great. Thank you for your help!
  3. I'm sorry. We are using a custom skin (mwcustom) that was derived from the foundation skin. However, doesn't the mobile skin work somewhat independently? We haven't made any modifications to the mobile skin files.
  4. Thank you. Great point! I am not so much interested in the category descriptions showing (and after your comments, I'm certain that's probably not the greatest idea), but having the small description show in the mobile view is what I really need to do. Our end customers are not able to tell the difference between some products without it showing. For example in the picture I posted previously, they can't tell what size rod ends they are looking at until they click through to the product page. This would be extremely tedious when looking for a specific part. I've considered having more informat
  5. I am having a different, but seemingly similar problem. On the mobile version, the Short Description does not show at all. If I make the change you have here, will it allow for the Short Description to show on mobile devices? Separately, is there a way to allow for the top section of the Category Page to show on mobile devices? Thanks in advance!
  6. Thanks, All. This got me what I needed! SELECT path FROM CubeCart_seo_urls WHERE path LIKE '%/%';
  7. Somehow, the boss clicked the "Clear all custom defined SEO URL's" and got rid of all of my custom URLs. Because of the way our part numbers are structured, the automatically generated URLs for some products contain characters that I want to avoid. I'd like to query to find them so that I can go change those particular SEO URLs, but I can't figure out where those are. Would someone please give me some direction on how to find what CubeCart has stored for them? What table, etc? TIA!!
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