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  1. Hi Guys, As I am new to Cube Cart, Is anybody could help me in setting or implement Filters for Product on Front End. Or any way Or any free extension available Any help will be appreciable. Thanks Rahul
  2. This is the extension token: 91E9-2640-DF32-E0EF-F85B-78BE-17DC-B320 I am using "CubeCart-6.1.12" version for now. I just want to know one thing that i am new to Cube Cart is it good for further customization. Another concern when i am trying to login into back end on Chrome then getting attached error.
  3. Hi I am trying to install an extension on my local machine just using simple token which i copied from extension directly on Cube Cart Official Website (https://www.cubecart.com/extensions/shipping-methods/flat-rate). But I submit the token and click on Go Button then getting below error, Anyone could help me why I am getting this & how can i resolve this. Thanks Rahul
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