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  1. Hello, How to link the image in the caroussel to an item in the catalog? I see there is an link icon in the editor but don't know how to find the link to set up. thanks and best regards emhat
  2. mhlai

    Menu Modules

    Hello, I installed the cubecart v6 but don't see the module in the left menu when I am in admin mode. see attached. Could someone tell me why and how to do to see the Modules? Thank you very much for your helps. emhat
  3. mhlai

    cannot edit the Welcome message!

    Thank you bsmither, it was so simple and so easy! emhat
  4. Hello, I would like to edit the Welcome Message, but there is no text neither the richtext editor as announced in the frontend. Could someone help me? Thank you very much emhat
  5. Hello, My website is multilingual but when I change the language, welcome message does not change to the corresponding language. In Documents, I edit 2 messages in English and in French. Only the one selected for "Home Page" is shown. So, How to show the Welcome Message in different languages? Thank you and best regards emhat