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  1. OK that's good info.  I did the things you suggested.  I've attached a screenshot of the setup.

    Once I make the purchase (but just before I go to the Gateway) I see the purchase in Customers > Orders > Orders Overview.  I've attached both the order screen and the order screen.

    But still no email verification.  

    However, once I go to the order itself and mark it as Complete, then the email is sent.  And even then, it only gets sent to the customer.

    Am I missing something basic here?

    Many thanks,



    Cubecart Setup.PNG



    Cubecart Complete.PNG

  2. 2 hours ago, bsmither said:

    Customers will receive emails once the order goes to Processing, and more when it goes to Completed.

    Hi Bsmither, thank you for taking the time to respond.  I was finally able to get the system to generate an email by -- as you said -- changing the status on an order in the Admin > Orders page to Completed.  However the only message generated went to the customer (me).  The admin (also me with a different email address) receives nothing.  Not when the order was placed, not when I change the status and not when the Gateway approves the transaction.

    I wonder if I just don't understand how the system is supposed to work. I just assume that once a cart is paid for that everyone (admin and customer) receives an email message.  Is this assumption correct?



  3. Note:  I have installed Cubecart on a Windows Hosting Server, so that might be the problem, even though everything else about Cubecart seems to work.

    Anyway, I cannot for the life of me figure out how to get email confirmation of an order / purchase.  I can successfully receive email using "Test (After Save)" from Dashboard > Settings > Advanced Settings

    When I complete my purchase (and pay via the Braintree / PayPal extension) I receive no email confirmation.  However, my credit card is indeed getting charged through the Gateway each time I run a test.

    In Settings > Features > Misc > Order status for admin email notifications  I have tried both Processing and Order Complete to no avail. I also check Force Order Completed Emails but nothing works.

    What am I missing?  What event triggers sending an email?   If it makes any difference, I do not sell anything that requires shipping, but I still want to receive notifications.  Any help appreciated.



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