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  1. Hello! I'm currently migrating from os Commerce over to cube cart and and trying to migrate across a report that I use to have in os commerce but am having some difficulties. I found my older report based on stats_bookings_by_event.php from os commerce but am not sure how to "point it" to the new database - am fairly new to this! I've found a working report in cube cart based on admin_KgxFqD.php and so am trying to marry the two up but am having some troubles. Can anyone help please?
  2. Hi bsmither - thanks for the response. The link is: http://www.lloydsyachtclub.com/Lutinebooking It’ll be the 3 photos in the ‘slideshow’ within the link that I am referring to.
  3. Hi! I have added some photos to a "Homepage" Document - it looks fine on my laptop and iPad but when viewed on my phone (in portrait mode), the aspect ratio changes and almost becomes a square (when in reality the dimensions are 1000 pixels width by 375 pixels height). As a result, on my phone it looks very distorted and squashed. Things looks slightly better on my phone in landscape mode but still not quite the correct aspect ratio. Could someone post any ideas or provide any help on how I can remedy this please?
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