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  1. Thanks Al, I'm surprised there is no Braintree test mode. I appreciate you checking with Braintree to see if there is a work-around.
  2. I've just set up my first store with CC 6.1.13. Everything looks good and seems to work. But I want to test out a complete credit card transaction. I've seen references to the "sandbox", but I can't find documentation on how to set up a sandbox environment. I have secured a sandbox account from Braintree. But again, can't find the docs as to how to use that to test out transactions in my store. Can someone point me in the right direction?
  3. Guess no one cares about this issue. It seems like it would affect a lot of users and be noticed by a lot of customers. Hopefully, someone is looking into it behind the scenes.
  4. Not quite the same, but similar enough to be related.
  5. In version 6.1.12 I'm seeing an error in sales tax calculation. It happens ONLY when I apply a promo code. In other words, sales tax is correct in a normal cart. There is no obvious mathematical relationship (that I can see) between the correct amount and the calculated amount when the promo code is applied. The promo code itself calculates discount correctly. I've also noticed that the incorrect amount CHANGES when I change shipping method. It changes be an amount that seems not to be related to anything obvious. I have a very simple sales tax calculation of 5.5% applied only to addresses in my state. The promo code is a 20% discount on product (not shipping).
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