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  1. Sorry for the late reply, I've been out of the office. I want to hold the small video files on our own site and just have the option for the customer to choose the small video from the list in the produce gallery, just under the main product itself. So i will select the star as the main picture image and just like to tick a video like i do various product pictures added to the product. Could you advise how i can add this video to the product pictures section?
  2. Hi, Is it possible to add a small video to the product images section so the product we have listed for sale has a selection of pictures and also a video. We sell products that we are currently taking several pictures to show what it looks like in on all sides but if we could take a small rotating video and add it to the pictures showing on the product then that would be even better. Nick. CCV6
  3. Did anyone ever get to the bottom of the order status not updating from pending to processing and the lack of transaction information when customers pay by WorldPay? We have recently moved over to Worldpay from paypal and it's proving to be a challenge as our staff that look after cubecart and webshop orders don't have access to the payments account on worldpay, so with no change from pending to processing and also not putting any transaction details in place ( as paypal did ) is creating a lot of leg work between our warehouse and sales office staff checking payments and getting further information. Thanks in advance, Nick
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