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  1. Upon further investigation...I uninstalled the extension...it seems to be a cart issue, as I get the same error even without the extension installed...I've asked my website hosting company about it and am awaiting a reply This is what I get///Greek to me...please explain... Date Today, 10:47 Request Sent - http://sellonline.canadapost.ca/<eparcel> <language>en</language> <ratesAndServicesRequest> <merchantCPCID>0008650666</merchantCPCID> <fromPostalCode>T0E 2A0</fromPostalCode> <itemsPrice>40.00</itemsPrice> <lineItems> <item> <quantity>1</quantity> <weight>0.35</weight> <length>10</length> <width>5</width> <height>10</height> <description>Online Order</description> </item> </lineItems> <city></city> <provOrState>Alberta</provOrState> <country>CA</country> <postalCode>T0E 2A0</postalCode> </ratesAndServicesRequest> </eparcel> Response received<?xml version="1.0" ?> <!DOCTYPE eparcel [ <!ELEMENT eparcel (error)> <!ELEMENT error (statusCode,statusMessage*, requestID)> <!ELEMENT statusCode (#PCDATA)> <!ELEMENT statusMessage (#PCDATA)> <!ELEMENT requestID (#PCDATA)> ]> <eparcel> <error> <statusCode>-2001</statusCode> <statusMessage>Merchant CPC Id not found on server. </statusMessage> <requestID>42829427</requestID> </error> </eparcel> <!--END_OF_EPARCEL-->
  2. I received this error too!! I am in Canada, ship only to Canada, have weights and dimensions on products...any ideas?
  3. Hi, Just installed the Canada Post extension, set it all up, made sure all my products have weights, size, etc. Now when testing the checkout process I have discovered that there is an error saying my product is too heavy or can't be shipped to country... wtf?? |Has this happened to anyone else? I only ship to Canada, so my default postal code(shipping) and countries is all set in the extension...did I miss something somewhere? Any help would be greatly appreciated
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