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  1. "Coming Soon"

    Thank you Mike
  2. "Coming Soon"

    Hi, Is there a way to add a tick or something similar to indicate the product is "Coming soon"? Thank you Mike
  3. Out of stock colour

    Thank you Mike
  4. Out of stock colour

    Hi, Is there perhaps a way to change the colour of the "This product is currently out of stock" only? I would like the out of stock to be in red. Thank you Mike
  5. Product box size

    Thank you BSmither, I do not wish to change anything on the layout of the boxes. I would like to make all the product display boxes the same size in Crosshatch. I only have a height change when the description length changes. Is there no CSS file for this? Thank you Mike
  6. Product box size

    Hi, I am using Crosshatch skin. Depending on the Product description, the height of the box changes. Is the any way to standardize the size of the product boxes to eliminate the size discrepancy? It must also be in Sub and sub sub categories if possible. Thank you Mike
  7. Constant Security Alert

    Hi, I contacted my ISP and they changed my Web PHP settings: Below is what they say they did and it is working very well now.
  8. Giftcard not sending email

    Thank you Thank you kindly, it works.
  9. Giftcard not sending email

    Link please?
  10. Giftcard not sending email

    Okay, I have changed the setting as per other threads and switched off " force order completed emails" saved, switched it on again, changed the password and saved. Now I get the following: Sorry, but the email does not look like a valid email address and the usual "check email config" in the line below.
  11. Gift Certificates Not Sending

    Still not working.
  12. Giftcard not sending email

    Hi, I added this and still the GC with the GC code is not sent. No other message.
  13. Gift Certificates Not Sending

    Hi, I have the following issue. The email to the GC recipient is not sent. Everything goes through, however when I go in as admin and set the order to " order complete" I get a red line stating the following: Failed to send gift card by email. Please check email configuration. All emails work except for the this one. Any help please?
  14. Giftcard not sending email

    No, English only. I am testing this.
  15. Giftcard not sending email

    When I move it from Pending to Processing and hit save, It automatically changes to order complete. I do not change it to order complete.