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  1. Giftcard not sending email

    No, English only. I am testing this.
  2. Giftcard not sending email

    When I move it from Pending to Processing and hit save, It automatically changes to order complete. I do not change it to order complete.
  3. Giftcard not sending email

    Hi, I enable the GC under settings. Complete the detail. GC then appears as a drop down menu on the store page. I select it and complete the fields. add it to the basket which it does. Go to Checkout and checkout. Invoice is displayed for printing. As Admin I then go to Orders. Select the order number and change from Pending to Processing. I then hit save and I get the error. Mike
  4. Giftcard not sending email

    Hi, Yes, it has been added. Version 6.1.13 No other error. Looked at email log and nothing there neither. Only the email relating to the purchase. As per the config, message only appears when I Process the order. Seems email with gift cert sent then. Mike
  5. Giftcard not sending email

    Hi, I have setup the email in Cubecart, saved and tested. All works fine including when orders are placed. However I have added giftcard. When I go to accept and set to processing I get the following: Failed to send giftcard by email. Please check email configuration. (in Red bar) Order successfully updated. (in Blue bar) Any help please? Thank you Mike
  6. Constant Security Alert

    Hi, Yes it is being hosted. Does this mean I cannot use Cubecart? Mike
  7. Hi, I have installed Cubecart. I am now trying to set up. However, the following happens on almost everything I do: Security Alert: Possible Cross-site request forgery (CSRF) or Browser back button used. I the redo the whole operation and nothing happens. Maybe every fourth time of doing the same thing, I get the blue bar to say ie: logo uploaded. However no logo displays on the store. Or Category updated, yet the category does not appear. Thank you Mike