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  1. Hi, Thank you for the response. How can I get this repaired? Thank you
  2. Hi, When some clients are selecting items and adding to the cart and the click on submit, every know and then the cart drops some of the items. These items are not added to the cart total and do not appear on the invoice. However, these items are removed from the inventory. What could be causing this? Thank you
  3. Hi, Thank you for the reply. I have limited coding skills, how would I go about your suggestion?
  4. Hi, I am being badly spammed from the "contact us" form by non registered users. Is there any way I can restrict who can email on there. I would like to make it registered users only. Thank you Mike
  5. I would like to do the same by adding tracking number and website to the "Order Complete" email. How would I go about it and where would I enter the required info. Not that good with coding.
  6. Hi, I cannot add an item description. There is no field. Below is a screen grab. Please help Mike
  7. Thank you Bsmither, It has worked like a charm, as it always does. Much appreciated. Mike
  8. Hi, Yes, I am using the Print_Order_Form module. All that happens is the invoice appears on screen after the order is placed and the client has a choice to either close or print. They do not print it. Although the "Send Order confirmation email is ticked" the email is not sent. Instead the client gets the standard confirmation email from Cubecart which does not contain the banking detail. Thank you Mike
  9. Hi, I would like to add the banking detail to the first order confirmation email the user gets once they have placed their order. This will allow them to have the detail when making electronic payments. I have the module installed to print the invoice that has this detail, however people do not read properly. Is this possible. Thank you Mike
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