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  1. I just upgraded to 6.2 from 6.1. I did a manual FTP upload as the auto installer would not upload. After the upload, I entered my website https://theflylingkolache.com/setup, the website automatically set itself up and is now in 1 large straight line downward. My 3 pictures that scrolled across the screen are now one on top of the other. Where I used to have 3 items across along with new items and best sellers, they are now one on top of each other. Is this an easy fix? I guess I could always try and restore the old version. Thanks, -Harvey
  2. Is there a "Exclusion Filter" anywhere in CubeCart? Google is not finding my analytics Thanks, -Harvey
  3. I set it up and it works great. Thanks for your help and once again it is greatly appreciated. -Harvey
  4. Can I use the "All in one shipping" on top of FedEx shipping? I need to be able to offer free shipping in the Seattle, WA error. Possibly by setting up a group based on their zip codes. Any thoughts on this? Thanks, -Harvey
  5. Followed what you said and the site is now working. Thank you very much! It is greatly appreciated! -Harvey
  6. Hello, I do have version 1.05 and I think I entered everything correctly. I'm attaching what FedEx sent me. But I keep getting The following errors were detected: Unfortunately, there are no suitable shipping methods available for your order. This may be because the total weight of your order is too high or we cannot ship to your country. Please contact a member of our staff for any further inquiries. This is what FedEx sent me: Dear Harvey, You're now ready to move your application into production. Nothing in the email log. Thanks again for the help -Harvey Now that you've tested your application, you're ready to move to production. You should have received your Production Key on the confirmation page when registering for credentials. Below are the remaining production credentials you requested. Production Account Information Production URL: https://ws.fedex.com:443/web-services Password: UKXPDSi5YqtCOLIsKOz2Bo5Wh FedEx Shipping Account Number: XXXXXX832 FedEx Web Services Meter Number: 112139965 Replace the URL and test credentials with production information and begin using FedEx Web Services. My website is theflyingkolache.com User name: harvform Password: Skimob99
  7. Can I please bother you to look at my website and please tell me what I am doing wrong with the FedEx setup. I have looked at the forums for hours trying to find out what I am doing wrong and I am stuck. It looks correct to me (but that doesn't say much). I am also having trouble getting my email to work. Other than that I think the website is starting to look pretty good. Thanks in advance for you help. -Harvey
  8. Thanks for the help. It is appreciated. Thanks Ian, I reinstalled it at the upper level as you suggested and it is working fine now. Thanks for the help, -Harvey
  9. Hello, I installed Cubecart 6 and I believe I set everything up correctly. The store URL is http://theflyingkolache.com/cube. When I enter “theflyingkolache.com”, the page that comes up is the “Directory Listing” showing the folder named “cube”. When I do a Redirect to http://theflyingkolache.com/cube, I get the following page; “This page isn’t working” “theflyingkolache.com redirected you too many times.” “Try clearing your cookies.” “ERR_TOO_MANY_REDIRECTS” I have racked my brain for 3 days on this. Any help would be appreciated.
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