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  1. Brilliant. Solved. Changed my headers to the ones matching the php and it works perfect. Thanks very much for your excellent advice.
  2. Thanks so far. Everything matched and I followed it all until the part where you said If equal, set the "selected" attribute. Not sure on how this is done. Please can you explain! (I'm not a programmer of modern languages, last time I did any programming it was BASIC back in the 80's). Anyway it's getting late over here in the UK so I'm in no rush. Attached is a printout of the popup. Many thanks. Smarty Debug Console.pdf Smarty Debug Console.pdf
  3. Thanks for your reply but no luck. Checked and double checked to get the line exact. Checked the spreadsheet headers are exactly as they should be. Cleared history, cache etc still no luck.
  4. Changing Import and the Ignore Feature. My product details are kept on a database making it quick and easy to change things. However when I need to import the created .csv file I find that the CS import catalogue feature defaults to -- Ignore -- for every field entry. I need to go and change each one individually to match the import headings. The headings I use in my DB / CSV are exactly the same as the ones on the CS suggested list in the same order. Is it possible to bypass this option and automatically select the matching field during the import. There are 34 field options for the import and having to select each one individually every time I do a full import is annoying. Cheers all
  5. Brilliant. Thanks very much. Of course I didn't think it would be that easy/obvious. Having used opencart for ages I just can't get on with their latest versions so my next site is going to be cubecart. It seems far better for straightforward shops and much easier to navigate/modify. Even has a built in bulk upload which actually works fine. Just hope it does not slow down too much with hundreds of products in it. Regards
  6. I'm in the process of learning cubecart and I've installed a couple of skins to try out. However I'm unable to remove one of them as I don't want to use it. I've looked and tried everywhere but can't seem to find the option to uninstall a skin via admin. Would appreciate any help available.
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