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  1. Hi all. I am pretty new to the whole selling online through a website scene and I would really like some help. I watched the video of how to install Cubecart on Vimeo ( https://vimeo.co*m/118587171 ) and it looks really easy!, So i thought I'd give it a shot. My website is hosted on Godaddy and always has been. I know the very basics of using Godaddy and the file manager so I followed the steps the video gives. I uploaded the ext file to my domain.com/shop and extracted it, created a database (although the database system is slightly different through Godaddy I managed to create it). I then continued to the www.domain.com/shop/setup and was given a line of text that says (and as the video suggests, A file may need to be changed to 'writable') the Cache file was required to be changed to writable. I refreshed by /shop/setup page and now there is a landing page which reads: 500 (Internal Server) Error ...that we're working furiously to correct. Things will be up and running again soon. Thanks for your patience. The setup page does not load and there seems to be an 'internal server error' so I cannot continue the setup. Has this happened to anyone else?, Can anyone suggest anything?. I have tried deleting the database I created and all the files and starting fresh but still the same problem appears. I have also tried picking an older version of Cubecart but still the same error happens. Also to mention, I did have to upgrade my php option to 5.4 (should I also upgrade it to 5.6 or is this not needed?). Picture attached of the error message. Thanks for reading and I hope someone has a solution for me
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