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  1. The zoom function doesn’t work on a PC either - it just shows at 1:1 As mentioned, I’d happily take it off if I could. Thank you for your help. Bryan
  2. Hi, let’s say I’m selling A THING and it has 3 pricing options A £1 B £2 C £3 and it is in a category called BITS. In the Front End (not admin) when I click on category BITS there are many items listed and one of them is my item A THING. But I do not see any pricing options until I actually click on A THING and see the expanded view. This means that on the initial listing a customer would never know that A THING had options and would only see my chosen default price. Am I setting my products up wrongly? Thank you.
  3. SOLVED! I had turned off all currencies - I only wanted GBP but inadvertently turned them all off! Hope my being an idiot helps somebody else!! :-)
  4. I'm new to Cubecart (brilliant product by the way!) and have the silliest question to ask ... Why don't my product prices show in the Store? No matter what I do I cannot seem to get a price to appear - unless you call 0.00 a price? "Use Stock Levels" is Unticked. "Allow out of Stock purchases" IS ticked. What am I missing?? ;-( BRYAN
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