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  1. Developer Needed

    What I'm looking for is a developer to modify cc6 to notify manufacturers via email when an order has been processed with their products in the cart. The email should include the order details including options. Please feel free to point me towards an existing plugin that could do this with a bit of tweaking. Please provide a price and delivery time.
  2. Serial Numbers and Warranties

    I haven't added a table yet. Still trying to figure out where to add it. What I'd like to do is track the serial number of the product we ship. So when the admin is moving the order to the completed status I'd like to insert that value into a table. The goal is to be able to contact them in 11 months to let them know it's time to order again.
  3. I'm extremely new to CubeCart but have experience with PHP and MySQL. Mostly copy and paste engineering. I'm looking to have a table with serial numbers to be inserted when the order is being completed and warranty records. I'm not sure when or where to put the hooks in and would love any feedback.