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  1. zeldalee


    Hello, So far so good. I am trying to under the manufacture/brand option. I can see where it would be a benefit but where does it show up outside of admin in the store? It seems like it should be in the store some where where the customer can click on certain brands and pull up all similar products. How does this option work and how can I implement it in my store?
  2. zeldalee

    Bulk File Upload

    Thank you so much bsmither
  3. zeldalee

    Bulk File Upload

    Hello, Thank you for your previous and quick help. I am still learning. I do sell some digital products as well as hard goods. Can I use Filezilla to upload those digital files or do each one at a time in filemanager? Thank you.
  4. zeldalee

    Which Version Cubecart

    Thank you so much problem solved
  5. zeldalee

    Which Version Cubecart

    Hello, I am a newbie to Cubecart. I just found the extensions and wondered if I had the right version installed. Where can I find what version I am running? Thank you
  6. zeldalee

    [Resolved] Vertical Menu Box

    Hello, I am a new user and trying to figure out how to edit the top menu. I have a lot of categories and the list is way to long. What setting am I missing? Thank you