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  1. Ouch, what kind of options does that leave me with? Anyway, I have asked my ISP for more details. Cheers.
  2. OK. Thank you, but to me all this does not make much sense, I'm afraid. We'll see what the other person says. Cheers.
  3. I did have a long consultation with my ISP, and the final result I got was this: HI, I can see email blcoked in the mail gateway from [email protected] with the following rules triggered: 0.00 HTML_IMAGE_ONLY_16 BODY: HTML: images with 1200-1600 bytes of words 0.00 HTML_MESSAGE BODY: HTML included in message 0.00 HTML_SHORT_LINK_IMG_2 HTML is very short with a linked image 2.00 BSF_SC0_TG252b Custom Rule TG252b The custom rule is triggered by the proceeding HTML rules so if you can fix those then the email should go through. Basically removing th
  4. These settings are as they should. That won't be the problem then. Thanks.
  5. Where exactly is that error log that shows you the SMTP authentication set to "no"? I have the same problem, but I just cannot get it fixed. Thanks un advance.
  6. Ok, Post deleted. I've tried all the above. No difference at all. After all the trial and error and all I have gone through trying to fix things, I unfortunately have to take the only step left (very reluctantly). A shame really, as I really liked CubeCart. Thank you for all the help and support. Bye.
  7. Don't know whether the attached file will do any good?
  8. Yes, that's what I'm saying. I've attached a screenshot to illustrate. Also, logging in is giving me trouble. When I sign out of any of the accounts and I try to log in again, I get the message I used wrong credentials, and guess what? In the login field there is "admin" again instead of any of the email addresses I filled in.
  9. I think I have noticed something: In my Customer List in my Admin Panel, on both occasions (I registered 2 "customers" for test purposes), the email address field says "admin". Every time I try to change that to the respective email addresses I registered the accounts with, whenever I click "Save", it jumps back to "admin". I have cleared the cache in the admin panel, I have cleared my browser cache including cookies, nothing helps. The email that always does arrive is the one for the admin to the address at [email protected] Could the cause of my problem be here som
  10. OK, I'll raise a ticket with my ISP and see what they come up with. Also, I don't know whether or not that would be relevant: I installed CC from Softaculous on my ISP. Thank you for your explanation.
  11. No more support for me????
  12. Right, I registered with a different email address, nothing to do with my domain, my hosting or Gmail. I got no welcome email. I placed an order, no mail received, but it is present in the mail log. In my order list, it mentions nowhere it is a purchase of a virtual product (that's all I sell ) and no download link. The download link does exist in the admin order list. I am beginning to think using CC live would pose a number of risks. Cheers.
  13. OK, Thank you for that. I'll have to try and find now what exactly that "something" is. I'll try registering with a different address.
  14. Oh, OK, Yes, I do have independent access, there is no blocking by my host. Also, 6.2.9 was a fresh install. Hope that helps. Thank you/
  15. That was indeed the glitch. I removed the leading slash and BINGO. Thanks for the tip. I'll just make a decent image now. Just go and have look now. Cheers.
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