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  1. Switch from one language to another

    That is exactly as I wanted it, bsmithers. Thank you ever so much for your help and your patience. You have done me a massive favour.
  2. Switch from one language to another

    Yes, as I mentioned before, the main site, https://www.m6vmo.tk has two buttons on the homepage (index.html), these buttons are there to choose what language to surf the site in (English or Dutch). When you select the link to the shop on the respective chosen page, the intention is to get to the shop in the chosen language of the main page.
  3. Switch from one language to another

    Well, quite simply, since the articles in the shop will be the same for whatever language, I just want the visitor to see the shop in his/her own language, ie. the language of the part (English or Dutch) of the website they selected the shop page from. "Locking" is, of course, a big word, but there is not really much point in people being able to change to the other language as, like I said, the contents of the shop will be the same, and also, not many Brits are likely to understand Dutch, are they? So, basically, it does not matter much what happens to the other settings, as long as the visitor can see and use the shop in his/her own language and currency upon arrival (If they can change those, fine, if not, fine too).
  4. Switch from one language to another

    Ah, I see. So, what I should do then, if I understand you correctly is install CC twice, is that correct?
  5. Switch from one language to another

    On my website https://www.m6vmo.tk one part is in English and one part in Dutch. The URL to the shop on the English part is https://www.m6vmo.tk/cube/ and on the Dutch part it is https://www.m6vmo.tk/cube/index.php?set_language=nl-NL On the index page of the site there is a button to choose the language you want to see the main site in/ In case you want to visit the site, it is still under construction, but the parts I mentioned are all working.
  6. Switch from one language to another

    Oh, yes, sorry, forgot to mention that. Since I am UK based, English (UK) and £ are set as default.
  7. Switch from one language to another

    Hi bsmither, thank you for your help. Only, it has only helped partly. It does now show euros on the Dutch part of CC, but when I access CC from the English part of the site, although the URL is set as https://www.m6vmo.tk/cube/ as opposed to ......./index.php?set_language=nl-NL, the English part now also opens in Dutch and in Euros. When I access the site on my mobile, the same thing, except that both languages are in £. Probably a small oversight, I guess. Cheers.
  8. Switch from one language to another

    Hi, I was wondering if there was anything I could do along the same lines to change the currency from £ to Euro as well when I load the shop from my non-English part of the site. Thank you in advance. Frankie.