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  1. Hi Bsmither I deleted the interac from the site. Much to unpredictable and not really working the way it should.
  2. Yes that is correct but i am not talking about a Bank transfer i am talking about email interac payment which is different. I also did the modification in the file mentioned. My point is that first of all the module doesn't have the means to send an email to admin or the customer unless the status is set to pending and also after the upgrade to 6.4.2 the information i talked about as below doesn't show up in the email anymore.
  3. I don't see a setting in the interac settings to send an email I had to change the setting in the store settings to pending in order for the customer and admin email to be sent, if that setting is Processing the email won't get sent to admin or the customer. I am sure this is a shortcoming in the module and i have had communication with the creator and he doesn't think it is important for anybody to get an email regarding the purchase to which i strongly disagree. The email template hasn't changed and the BANK info appears on the printable form but not in the email anymore and the added code is still in the email template.
  4. Cart:Order Confirmed. And that showed the information. I also had it in Admin:Order Received but that didn't show the information in the admin email.
  5. Another issue Before the upgrade i pasted code in the email template to show the interac information in the customer email for their reference. And it did show that information in the customer email but now after the upgrade it doesn't. <p>{if $BANK}</p> <div class="payment_method"><strong>Pay by e-Payment Bank Transfer - Interac</strong><br /> &nbsp; <div><strong>{$LANG.gateway.bank_name}:</strong> {$MODULE.bankName}</div> <div><strong>{$LANG.gateway.bank_account_name}:</strong> {$MODULE.accName}</div> <div><strong>e-Payment Email Address:</strong> {$MODULE.addressCode}</div> <div><strong>e-Payment Secret Question ?</strong> {$MODULE.secretCode}</div> <div><strong>Answer to Secret Question ?</strong> {$MODULE.answerCode}</div> </div> <p>{/if}</p>
  6. After the upgrade from 6.2.9 to 6.4.2 the interac gateway invoice now show this weird line under the product description. That line does not show in the admin or customer email.
  7. Apparently when upgrading to 6.4.1 the database is upgraded to 6.4.1 If i want to go back to 6.2.9 do i have to delete the database and create a new one or can i leave it as is ?
  8. I did set it to pending and the does email out. I have added some code to the Cart: Order Confirmed template and now it does show the information for the interac transfer on the email to the buyer but this info does not show up in the email that is sent to admin I added this to the bottom of the Cart: Order Confirmed but that doesn't work when i add it to the Admin: Order Received template I figure for the admin email template these GLOBALS (not sure) need to be added but i have no idea how LOL <p>{if $BANK}</p> <div class="payment_method"><strong>Pay by e-Payment Bank Transfer - Interac</strong><br /> &nbsp; <div><strong>{$LANG.gateway.bank_name}:</strong> {$MODULE.bankName}</div> <div><strong>{$LANG.gateway.bank_account_name}:</strong> {$MODULE.accName}</div> <div><strong>e-Payment Email Address:</strong> {$MODULE.addressCode}</div> <div><strong>e-Payment Secret Question ?</strong> {$MODULE.secretCode}</div> <div><strong>Answer to Secret Question ?</strong> {$MODULE.answerCode}</div> </div> <p>{/if}</p>
  9. So are there any specific help files available where such an email template can be implemented ?
  10. So what exactly is the purpose of the create an email template page then ?
  11. This link doesn't work and i go to their website and can't find a utility to add an email template so can i add an email template in the admin ? When i go into email templates tab i can create a template so i did that and named it and copied the order confirmation template into it but it won't show up in the email contents list. https://www.semperfiwebservices.com/email-customer-cc6.html it comes up with this https://www.semperfiwebservices.com/cgi-sys/suspendedpage.cgi
  12. I have my Analytics ID filled out in the store settings Now Google wants me to put some code in the <head> section of every page so i put this in the <head> section of the template main.php When i do that the site crashes and only displays a blank page. Any reason for that ?
  13. Yup Under maintenance the tab upgrade. Sure is buried in there LOL
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