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  1. Yup Didn't down or upload first time, filezilla seems to be a bit tricky lately.
  2. I had to download my site using filezilla and upload it again. Now when i try to access the admin i get this error. When i try to access the site i get this error
  3. It is okay now. I am trying to remove the Shipping method from this line but keep getting an error. I don't need the invoice to say All in one shipping. How could i do that ? <td>{if !empty($DATA.ship_method)}{$DATA.ship_method}:{if !empty($DATA.ship_product)} ({$DATA.ship_product}){/if}{else}Shipping:{/if}</td>
  4. I edited the Order complete template
  5. I tried to add the shipping information to the completed order email to the customer but it is not picking up the shipping method or tracking information. <p>Hi {$DATA.first_name|capitalize},</p> <p>We are pleased to say that order number {$DATA.custom_oid} is complete. If you have ordered physical goods they should arrive shortly.</p> <p>Shipping method {$DATA.ship_method}</p> <p>Tracking Number (If available) {$DATA.ship_tracking}</p>
  6. I reconfigured the Paypal extension and working now.
  7. I have Paypal setup and when i go to checkout when i select the Paypal button the Paypal window comes up for a second and then disappears when i select the Debit or Credit card a window comes up with the rotating icon and nothing happens.
  8. There has been no change to that setting. It is at 100% When i am on the page and hit CTRL + and zoom to 125% it shows up properly
  9. Is there a way to show the proper size for the recaptcha. Chrome Mozilla
  10. I just installed a completely fresh copy of version 6.2.9 and now i see this so i think i am pretty much done
  11. After clearing the cache that file was not there but it showed up after i added something to my basket. I am running version 6.2.9 The only thing i have added lately was the e-payment but it everything was still working after that. It just started acting up the other day. I do have to say that the Paypal started acting up where when i selected the Paypal icon the Paypal window would show up for about 2 or 3 seconds and then would disappear. When i add something to the basket and click on the basket icon this shows up in the address bar https://www.mysurplus.ca/# Also i do select to be notified about replies but i never get an email anymore when somebody replies to my post and there is nothing in my spam folder. Not sure what is going on now all of a sudden but now i get this.
  12. Before clearing the cache After clearing the cash and adding an item to the basket, the icons still don't work. I never get any email notifications when somebody responds to any of my posts so i am done for tonight. I have to keep hunting to see if there is an answer. Thanks for the help so far.
  13. There was no Readme.md or readme.js file in that folder. The code above is nowhere to be found in the 3.cubecart.validate.js file. I backed up the site to my local drive and did a text crawl and the only place that code shows up is in the gui.class.php file.
  14. Not sure what you mean by spaces but i have edited the CSS as i mentioned above and now the issue has been solved.
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