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  1. Hello I was watching the video at the link below and the narrator mentioned creating a 10 second preview of a video for sale. Is this something that can be done in Cubecart ?
  2. Yes i know but that really wasn't the issue. It still won't show which images are associated with a product.
  3. I have no idea by what you mean the File picker. I can give you access if you like and you can check yourself.
  4. I just installed version 6.4 on a spare domain and tried some features i thought needed improving such as image managing I was hoping that when assigning image to a product and i would click Show Assigned image the directory tree would open and show the assigned images but it doesn't, it does show the images beside the file manager box but if a product has some of the wrong images assigned to it they would show up beside the box but if there are for example 10-15 file folders in the file manager section how on earth would one know where to look for them. Also when i select show all i
  5. Exporting the catalogue it doesn't ask for the file type, comma delimiter or anything else that is being asked when importing. Also it doesn't apper to export categories or images. After selecting the exported file at the bottom of the screen there is a check box "CSV has column headers" If the scv file has column headers why do i have to select anything in the drop down boxes ? one pf the drop down boxes says Master Category ID , what does that mean, it shows numbers in the exported csv files but it is not exporting the category name. How come the classes are not exported ? In th
  6. I have my Analytics ID filled out in the store settings Now Google wants me to put some code in the <head> section of every page so i put this in the <head> section of the template main.php When i do that the site crashes and only displays a blank page. Any reason for that ?
  7. When i am in the description of an item and select insert image i select browse server and i select an image i have uploaded, when i click on an image name it displayed the image in a pop up window but there is no option to select or insert that image. Am i missing something ?
  8. I am confused, is version 6.4.0 ready for download somewhere ? I have a domain where i could test it.
  9. Beta testing 6.4.0 what ?
  10. Is it not possible to display the image in the image manager ?
  11. I have added shipping zones and pricing and seems to be working okay now.
  12. I have a category called Mobile Accessories and have 2 sub-categories under that which will show in the drop down menu. I also assigned products to that category but they don't show up when i do a drop down. Is it possible to have them show up ?
  13. I am not logged into an account but when i add an item to the basket i get this error. Why would that be ?
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