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  1. Hello I don't show a Store Overview in my admin section, so where would i find the version i am running ? It would be nice to see this at the top of the admin screen.
  2. Any news on the vertical menu ?
  3. Sounds great. I would love to see it when it's done.
  4. I have the mod applied so the item in the drop down menu will go directly to the product. I have been trying to get some answers from Semperfiwebservices without much success but i am wondering if i apply the vertical category menu from them if that would affect the mod i applied to the category listing. Does anybody know ?
  5. I am trying to communicate with them about the vertical flyout menu but not much luck, just wondering if there is anybody else who has a vertical flyout for the foundation template ?
  6. Is it possible to remove the section as indicated ?
  7. Hi That does seem to do what i was looking for. I do like the mican template layout especially the vertical menu on the left, much more pleasant to look at. but it messes up the display of the product description, it puts the order now section below the description and it is not responsive , kind of unfortunate. Thanks for the help though.
  8. That really makes no difference. The test category still won't expand. I am using the foundation skin.
  9. YOUR POST "The following edits will show a list of the names" I don't see an edits. Am i missing something ?
  10. That indeed takes me to the product listing when there is a product assigned to that category. Thank you. I do have a category called Test Category and i assigned 2 products to that category, it would be nice if the category would expand when i mouse over it just like the mobile accessories does.
  11. Ya i guess i did make those subcategories. Like i said about the test products. I don't understand why when i assign a product to a category that category doesn't flyout and take me to the product. Makes no sense to me.
  12. Sorry I didn't answer your question, when i click on the mobile accessories without dropping it down i see this. And the images are links.
  13. www.usbc.ca There are some categories created within the past 30 days yes. What i did now was create a category called test category I created 2 product called test product 1 and 2 and assigned them to the test category Now the test category doesn't drop down but when i select it the 2 products show up and i can select them. This a little different from the mobile accessories.
  14. I created a category mobile accessories but i have not created categories iPhone Charging Cables or USB-C Charging Cables. Only products by that name. www.usbc.ca
  15. Hi Interesting you should say that the items listed point to a subcategory, thing is i don't have any category or subcategory with those names so i still don't understand why it wouldn't go to the product page. Doesn't make a lot of sense to me really.
  16. The items in the dropdown menu are linked to products, when i select an item it doesn't go directly to the item but to a page that shows the item image which is not a shortcut but the the image below which is a shortcut goes to the product. Is there no way to directly have the link in the dropdown menu go to the product listing ?
  17. Hi Thank you I haven't seen one yet but i wonder if anybody else would have a skin that is similar, i really like the layout.
  18. I like the layout but it isn't responsive. Just wondering if there is something similar with the vertical left flyout menu ?
  19. I would like to setup so i only ship to Canada, how can that be done ?
  20. I have 3 categories and only the initial test category shows. Show empty categories in layout settings is checked. Categories are marked Visible and Status Even when i add a product to the category it won't show. When i select the Test category the items in that category show up but not the other categories, now when i click on the product in the test category the item details show up but still no other categories at the top.
  21. Hello I just installed the latest version of Cubecart and am trying to set up Paypal payments but i get a message that the Paypal feature is only available to American, British and French merchants. Is this not available in Canada or are we a third world country ? Regards
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