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  1. I did set it to pending and the does email out.

    I have added some code to the Cart: Order Confirmed  template and now it does show the information for the interac transfer on the email to the buyer but this info does not show up in the email that is sent to admin

    I added this to the bottom of the Cart: Order Confirmed  but that doesn't work when i add it to the Admin: Order Received template

    I figure for the admin email template these GLOBALS (not sure) need to be added but i have no idea how LOL

    <p>{if $BANK}</p>

    <div class="payment_method"><strong>Pay by e-Payment Bank Transfer - Interac</strong><br />
    <div><strong>{$LANG.gateway.bank_name}:</strong> {$MODULE.bankName}</div>

    <div><strong>{$LANG.gateway.bank_account_name}:</strong> {$MODULE.accName}</div>

    <div><strong>e-Payment Email Address:</strong> {$MODULE.addressCode}</div>

    <div><strong>e-Payment Secret Question ?</strong> {$MODULE.secretCode}</div>

    <div><strong>Answer to Secret Question ?</strong> {$MODULE.answerCode}</div>


  2. This link doesn't work and i go to their website and can't find a utility to add an email template so can i add an email template in the admin ?
    When i go into email templates tab i can create a template so i did that and named it and copied the order confirmation template into it but it won't show up in the email contents list.



    it comes up with this 



  3. I was working with 6.04  and the line "

     /*$this->_curl_options[CURLOPT_FOLLOWLOCATION] 	= true;*/"  is not in that file. I added "
    $this->_curl_options[CURLOPT_FOLLOWLOCATION] 	= true;"  and now it works, only thing i don't see the paypal buttons on the checkout page only a paypal selection radio button

    Paypal commerce works fine in 6.2.9  though


  4. Was working on my site this morning and the coupon worked fine, now when i don't apply a coupon checkout works fine but when i enter a coupon code the and select secure checkout the site times out. Why would this be ? in version 6.2.9 I have 2 sites that do the same thing.

    13 minutes ago, windsurfer said:

    Was working on my site this morning and the coupon worked fine, now when i don't apply a coupon checkout works fine but when i enter a coupon code the and select secure checkout the site times out. Why would this be ? in version 6.2.9 I have 2 sites that do the same thing.

    I just noticed something strange

    When i purchase a product and enter the promo code and i am logged in to my account the site times out, when i do the same thing and i am not logged into my account it takes me to the account setup page right away.

  5. When i purchase a digital download i get 2 emails with the download link.

    Also when i click the download link in the email it opens my browser with a blank page and immediatly starts to download. Is there an option to go to a page that is a little more friendly that has a download button on it ? 

  6. I am trying to add a digital product and have created a folder under files called videos and uploaded a file, when i select the digital tab that file won't show up when i select the videos directory, why would that be ? there is also no option to upload a file to that folder.

    Also when i type a folder name into the Create folder field and hit Go  the folder is not added.


  7. Not particularly fond on youtube. I would rather use my own.

    I don't see any option in the ckeditor to insert a video, i know it can be setup as a digital download but so far have not been able to place a vidoe in the description of the item other than some custom coding.

  8. I just installed version 6.4 on a spare domain and tried some features i thought needed improving such as image managing

    I was hoping that when assigning image to a product and i would click Show Assigned image the directory tree would open and show the assigned images but it doesn't, it does show the images beside the file manager box but if a product has some of the wrong images assigned to it they would show up beside the box but if there are for example 10-15 file folders in the file manager section how on earth would one know where to look for them.

    Also when i select show all images all the file folders show up, when i select show assigned images some of the file folders disappear but there are still file folders listed that have images in them that are not assigned to that product.

    For exapmple
    I have selected show assigned images and below is what it shows but there are no images in the Tempered Glass folder that are assigned to the product i am editing.


    Also if for example i create a folder under Face_mask that doesn't belong there how do i delete that folder ? there doesn't seem to be an option for that. IE: The folder lightning cables should not be there but i can't delete it.



    I hoped a new version would have addressed these issues.

    Other than that i don't see a lot of difference between the 2 versions.


  9. Exporting the catalogue it doesn't ask for the file type, comma delimiter or anything else that is being asked when importing.

    Also it doesn't apper to export categories or images. After selecting the exported file at the bottom of the screen there is a check box "CSV has column headers"   If the scv file has column headers why do i have to select anything in the drop down boxes ? one pf the drop down boxes says Master Category ID , what does that mean, it shows numbers in the exported csv files but it is not exporting the category name.  How come the classes are not exported ?

    In the drop down the label is Main Image but the drop down doesn't have a selection for Main Image, if i select Images (Comma Seperated) it only exports 1 image

    In the drop down the label is Master Category ID  but the drop down only has a selection for Category (ID or Name  comma separated) But it only exports 1 category number and no name or comma separated.

  10. When i am in the description of an item and select insert image i select browse server and i select an image i have uploaded, when i click on an image name it displayed the image in a pop up window but there is no option to select or insert that image. Am i missing something ?

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