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  1. The Clear cache button had not worked for a couple weeks, but it did after I put in that file. I have most all error logs turned off because of scripts I run have depreciated errors and one other one. So i disabled them because they do run fine even with the errors. I have them turned off server wide. I did not see any error file for the cache issue if it was another PHP error all together. If I knew exactly what the issue was I might have been able to address in thru my WHM panel. Not sure if it was a timing issue because it usually cleared instantly. What ever it was coincidence or not it works now and that's all that counts. I will look into the memory and increase it is it seems to low. My server had software updates and maybe something was changed. Thanks for all the help
  2. I created that file "ini-custom.inc.php" uploaded it and now it works, it does not make any error logs but the Clear Cache does work again as before. Thank You bsmither,
  3. I am not sure why it stopped working but when I try to use Clear Cache the page goes completely blank and does nothing else, I go back to the dash board and Clear Cache is highlighted and waiting to be used. Not sure what to try now except I disabled it in settings, and the warning says it is disabled now. I do not know what else it affects when it is disabled, but would like to get it working again. Any suggestions?
  4. I really like this skin, the layout and colors look great, now with the CubeCart update I really hope this skin will be updated as well to use some of the new features. I had made a few changes and I would not be happy to go back to the default layout which is ok but not nearly as good as this skin.
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