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  1. hi bsmither Superb that did it- thanks very much! I only noticed the difference when I logged in via the reg/checkout page Many thanks
  2. Evening all Running a few test purchases through - when a customer already with an account - but NOT logged in yet, goes through checkout: 1 - they pops things in basket - they go to basket and click to checkout - they then go to the register/or already have account page - log in there - they then get put through to the final payment stage but the 'payment options selector' disappears (it does when they select to log in - rather than create an account) 2 - Whereas if they log in before attempting to purchase by clicking the link at the top of the page they are presented with the payment options selector when getting to the final checkout page. Is the payment selector hidden when the customer progresses via route 1 as opposed to route 2 - can it be shown for both purchasing routes so they can still select their payment option if they go with the first route to the checkout? thanks all
  3. Thanks for that - I'm not sure why I missed it, I thought I'd looked in there.... much appreciated
  4. Afternoon all. Just running though a few bits and notice if someone is checking out and they have more than one delivery address - if they change the delivery address and do not allow the browser to refresh before they hit checkout - they get the CSRF warning and are put back to the home page - I'm just trying to find the warning text to adjust it slightly to something a bit less scary for the customer in case the warning pops up - I don't think the blurb in the warning is editable in admin, but I can't find the relevant file either - can anyone point me to the file to edit please. Many thanks
  5. cheers lastwolf - I wasn't sure if it hadn't got finished or if there was a mod that Al and ploughguy had worked out - as it looked ideal
  6. First post on here - so firstly Hi All - Great Cart !! I'm moving a shop over from another well known cart to this one as the upgrade road on this one seems a lot more measured. I've set up my store - all good to go - but would just like to address order numbers so as to match the incremental orders of the old store - I see this might probably already have been done by way of attributing an extra value to each order id that will show on the order confirmation - so the cubecart order number stays at it is - but each order is given an extra value that we could call 'invoice number' 'order' or whatever I see this on https://github.com/cubecart/v6/issues/1867 GitHub, but (and it's probably me) I cant figure out if there is a working example/code on there - any prod in the right direct would be greatly appreciated. Many thanks
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