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  1. VyvToms

    PayPal IPN Unspecified Errors

    Thanks. My hosting company 1&1 has posted to say they are upgrading so hopefully all shoul;d be well.
  2. VyvToms

    Cubecart 6.2.1?

    Will this upgrade make Cubecart compliant with the new PayPal requirements, i.e. TLS 1.2? I see that my host (1&1) is upgrading the main package to that standard.
  3. VyvToms

    PayPal IPN Unspecified Errors

    I'm out of my depth here so will appreciate any help. Having read the above thread I see that my recently upgraded version of Cubecart (6.2) reports OpenSSl/1.0.1t in the curl table. How does this translate into TLS 1.2? How do I effect an upgrade? Our shop is https://shop.stithians.show/index.php