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  1. Hi Quick question since updating to 6.2 everything we edit a document , add a product etc we have to clear all the cache for this to show on the website. we are using the e-shift template will this be sorted in future updates Regards Callum
  2. Hello it seems it was a problem with his browser or ubuntu he has done it via windows 10 using Firefox and it worked without any problems thanks for you help!!!!!! Regards Callum
  3. Hello thanks a lot I will tell the client this Regards Callum
  4. Hi , i have a client in Portugal who has emailed me today to say he cannot pay using Realex , he gets a 505 error . I tried and it worked for me is it a problem with his browser or is they a problem on my end please see attached photo Thanks Regards Callum
  5. Hi Does this work on any Cubarcart skin ? also do i add it to the skin template or via Admin Cp Regards Callum
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