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  1. Hey all , i was wondering if you can help been using cubecart for about 6 years now , after ive updated to the latest version it seems my email for order confirmtion or questions no longer seem to reach me then when i go to test the settings i get the following error can somebody help nothing has changed on our email settings Regards Callum Testing Invalid address: (to):
  2. Hi all, maybe a stupid question but hoping someone can help me , we use Santander for our credit card services but they have recently closed down one of there services and opened up a new which apparently is better anyway.... we used the realex plugin but there new software is with redsys is this supported via cubecart if so is they a plugin or do we use the existing realex plugin kind regards Callum
  3. Hi Quick question since updating to 6.2 everything we edit a document , add a product etc we have to clear all the cache for this to show on the website. we are using the e-shift template will this be sorted in future updates Regards Callum
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