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  1. Thanks, now i got it to order by product code..... Again thanks for the help bsmither
  2. Thanks But that didnt help, at least not in adminmode Regards Peter
  3. Is there anyway to have the products sorted by productcode instead of name in the adminpage "Assign to Category"?
  4. And now its working... strange but im quite happy with that :-)
  5. ok I ran in to more problems so i reinstalled the whole thing, and now it works, i can add subcategories så there must have been som fileerror i Think. But there is something strange still, the subcategories dont show up in the admin panel categories, only the topcat. But on the website i look ok Thanks anyway for your tips, like the debug command.
  6. I have tried it now, but ther is no $SELECT_CATEGORIES the only thats i near that is: $category Origin: "file:templates/categories.index.php" Value Array (22) cat_id => "6" cat_name => "Toners" cat_desc => "<p>kassetter</p>\r\n" cat_parent_id => "0" cat_image => "0" per_ship => "0.00" item_ship => "0.00" item_int_ship => "0.00" per_int_ship => "0.00" hide => "0" seo_meta_title => "" seo_meta_description => "" seo_meta_keywords => "" priority => "1" status => "1"
  7. ok, thanks, i will try this later today, its 02.00 here in sweden now so its time to get some sleep, thanks for now, i get back to you with the result Regards Peter
  8. Thanks, i just wrote #1 as "number one category" the main category is called Toner, and i saved it then try to create the cat, Brother and set Toner as parent cat. but it never shows up in dropdown, so there is som problems i think
  9. Hello Im trying to add subcategories but with no luck, I started to create catergory #1 Toners, ans saved it. so far so god, but when i tried to add a new category "Brother" and try to set #1 toners as the parent category i dont show up in the dropdownlist, any ideas why? Thankfull for all help, im stucked
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