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  1. Update

    thanx ian i was wondering as i was reading the skins need updating at moment i am running 6.14 and would like to go to 6.20 cheers dave
  2. Update

    Thanx for the reply bsmither no i was looking at using a paid skin and was wondering that 6.20 need to be updated b4 applying updates cheers dave
  3. Update

    hi was wondering if i should update site with the latest version CubeCart-6.2.0-rc2 or wait till the final is released as i would like to use a another skin ? cheers dave
  4. What version of cube are you using ?
  5. New store

    Hi all just want to introduce you to its a craft store for cards etc and just want to say thankyou to all who have helped myself in getting this store up and running cheers dobie
  6. Hi Claudia i use Droidedit on my tablet i have a lenovo tab3 i use sometimes when in bed to do some work cheers
  7. hi i am after how do you move the frame of bx slider closer to the welcome message sorry worked it out cheers
  8. photo resize

    ok thanx for that you are a chanmpion
  9. photo resize

    sorry there was a spelling mistake
  10. photo resize

    Hi all thanx for looking i am after some advice please my front page slider makes the photos look all out of shape see here how do i make this look normal i am using cc latest version with mican skin cheers dobie
  11. Bx Slider

    Thanx for your help working great now cheers
  12. Bx Slider

    Hi i am having trouble locating promotional message 1 and 2 on mican skin bx slider could someone put me in right direction and i am using latest cubecart also cheers
  13. recaptcha

    thank you for your reply i have fixed this situation recaptcha to insert domain in domain but didnt realise i had to do it all working well now again thanx for the replying
  14. recaptcha

    hi all i am new here and i have been trying to look through forums i am running cc 6.1.14 and the skins at moment are foundation and Kurouto and when some one tries to register the recaptcha does not work on either skin have i missed something please lead me in right direction the error i am getting is Cannot contact reCAPTCHA. Check your connection and try again. tia