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  1. I changed the store email address in the admin (settings > store settings > advanced) but the contact form still sends submissions to the original email address used to set up the cubecart store. Any ideas on how to change this? cubecart 6 / foundation skin
  2. The side menu on mobile that slides out from the left. Menu items are 'Your Account > Login / Register' and 'Change Currency'. I just need to disable that menu (or modify the links).
  3. Is there any way to disable the responsive main menu? It's not necessary for my store (no login). I've hidden all links to the login on desktop site, but for phones the responsive menu kicks in. Thanks!
  4. Thanks B. Fast and 'right on the money' as usual. In file, box.sessions.php, I hardlinked the Login / Registration links directly to my bolt-on shopping cart. Hooray! Now to start populating with products and go live (in a few days). Thanks for the help. You da man!
  5. Quickie. May need to start a new post. I will be disabling the 'Login / Register' links across the site. Is there an easy way to do this?
  6. Thanks B! I was able to get the form working by completely removing line 14 (<form>) in content.product.php and replacing it with my form and input data. The fix is a bit 'squirrelly', but it works. The RTF editor for product description still adds a token (that is now unused) after each edit (like a blockchain database... haha). I'll continue playing with things and update this topic as I continue tweaking. Thanks for pointing me in the right direction. CubeCart Rocks and so do you!
  7. Thanks B, Looked at code in main.php at skins/foundation/templates/main.php. I guess I'm showing a different file than you describe. No 'form' code at all there to modify. Sorry for the hassle and thanks so much for the help. Seems so simple, but apparently not. If you ever run across a simple way to send form data directly in from cubecart product description, let me know. Thanks again.
  8. Thanks B, I don' need inventory control. Just a simple input directly to my bolt-on shopping cart without AJAX handling it would be great. I can't find where to rewrite the skin code to not POST to Cubecart. Any help would be greatly appreciated.
  9. Thanks for the help. I'll look into several of the solutions you mentioned and let you know what I come up with.
  10. Of course. Sorry about that. Take a look at the CubeCart page at: http://labdirect.net/cube/bulk-tube-44-carbamide-peroxide-teeth-whitening-gel.html
  11. Thanks for the feedback, b. Yes, I only use catalog mode so CubeCart presents no method for adding to it's own shopping cart. I simply paste html code into the product description area. It then add to my bolt-on shopping cart (Americommerce). See my example on this page: http://labdirect.net/index.php/carbamide-peroxide-teeth-whitening-gels/carbamide-peroxide-5ml-syringe-16-8-9-detail. The same code in CubeCart is rendered non-functional so something's going on there. Any ideas, let me know. Lovin' CubeCart!
  12. Love Cubecart! I am only using CubeCart as a catalog, but I'm trying to add a simple Form CGI POST script for a 'Buy Now' button in the Product Description. This will send a very small amount of product information to my bolt-on commerce cart (Americommerce). This works great in all of my websites (including Joomla Virtuemart), but within CubeCart it does nothing when I click on the 'Buy Now' button. I imagine this may have to do with the 'security token' sanitizer. Is there anyway to simply make a call to my bolt-on commerce cart using CGI script? It's always been so easy within HTML and other PHP -based websites... works like a charm on all form data. Any help would be appreciated. PS.The reason I use the bolt-on cart to manage my commerce is that I have many websites being hosted across many domains. I don't want to setup a new commerce system for each website. I use a single bolt-on commerce system across all websites to manage shipping, customer communications, etc. from Americommerce without logging into 20 different instances of a shopping cart to do the same thing.
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