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  1. My customer is begging me not to make them do another migration, but this bug is horrid. The google analytics and her sales since are proof. I submitted https://github.com/cubecart/v6/issues/1668 . We'll see where it goes. You'd think their own add-ins that are supposed to be one shipping method would actually work.
  2. And I do appreciate you as noted by the first person who posted on this. I know it's not easy doing a free sourcecode platform. This is amazing and I have loved it.
  3. I've tried your all in one shipping, flat rate shipping, per price shipping and all of them still verify twice with new shipping options may be available. I have checked my google analytics and on the second page is where all my carts are abandoned... so... this needs to be addressed with a plugin for shipping that has only one rate. As noted above - most sites now only carry a single rate - the one package you should update to fix this is the by price module. By Price When I set the price it still comes up with the message noted above twice. Since there are no other shipping options th
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