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  1. Restored the folder for foundation and copied across the file changes... i thought i'd managed to get it working.. albeit it's killed the page for anyone new to the page... Although on my machine.. the changes i wanted have worked. Any ideas? would rather not have to rebuild the site *sigh*
  2. i wondered why my page just pooped itself. Restored foundation.css to the right place but doesnt look like its worked... *sigh*
  3. Added - .category_wrapper #main_content li small { display: none; } To the cubecart.default.css but not made a change either... i''m completely lost at this point
  4. Made the change... and still there Cleared caches and checked on another device Any more ideas
  5. Rid the site of those little bits of text... they just dont sit right and feel they'd look better without them! Tried your suggestion above and putting them to .product_list h3 { font-size: 0.01rem; } but seemingly doesn't make them any smaller/disappear
  6. @bsmither Doesn't seem to be working? http://www.carbonperfection.com/automotive-products.html
  7. @bsmither - Does this apply to v6 as well? As doesn't seem to work when i try I'm looking to remove the text almost altogether on the sub category page (see carbonperfection.com) but struggling with it...
  8. Legend Bsmither. Bang on the money! and the line above it? i assume padding? Again. another tricky one i haven't been able to find. Many thanks for your help
  9. CubeCart-6.2.0-b1 I'll give it a go now Doesn't seem to be an option for .thickpad-top in my css file? foundation.css
  10. Hi Guys, I'm new here but have been using cubecart for some time. I'm stuck on a website i'm building for a friend - www.carbonperfection.com. I've added in a gallery to the front page which is really nice but struggling to get it to span the entire width - i just can't find the settings!! Can anyone point me in the right direction.. i noticed this is the same setting (surely?) as the categories as this too isn't wide enough. I guess this is because i have removed the featured products. I'd also like to remove the small padding at the top of the gallery... but again.. haven't been able to find the setting.. Can anyone point me in the right direction?
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