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  1. This is one super product , and a great person to deal with .So helpful What a great product and the developer is so very helpful
  2. hi i can get that doing as you mentioned , each header id followed by a , comma. Do i simply transfer each heading to a new spreadsheet with the ,comma included IE price, or price then next heading wil
  3. Can anyone show how its possible to get a blank template so that produts can be added to Cubecart 6 .2.2 in a spreadheet using either CSV or semi colon? If export is used the file is always in HTML example as below but still even with this no heading template TRIUMPH 6 Silencer - Muffler 71-3062 TRIUMPH TR5T-ADVENTURER "Silencer - Muffler TRIUMPH TR5T ADVENTURER UK Made , Part No.71-3062" https://www.britishmcparts.com/silencers-fittings/triumph/silencer-muffler-71-3062-triumph-tr5t-adventurer.html https://www.britishmcparts.com/images/cache/7_TJ_Wassel/Exhaust_pipes-Silencers/71-3062-TRIUMPH-TR5T-ADVENTURER-SILENCER.500.png new in stock 130.00 4 kg 0.00 T J Wassell 71-3062 Vehicles & Parts > Vehicle Parts & Accessories > Wil
  4. How can i change the default invoice to show a different returns address instead of it showing the main shop address. Must say I know where where the Invoice Editor is located but as not into coded not sure where it need change
  5. I have set the admin folder name to the name i sent you in Global ini.php and tried to login in with name again in the gobal file , but still take me to the home page do in nned to input the admin _**** into some file ? can i give you my login details, so you can have aquick look ???
  6. This is what i get if i follow the instruction to Manualy re install where you have to enter all the details/information like localhost ,databse name etc Wil thanks Ian for edited the sensitive information Wil
  7. Hi Thanks In the gobal.inc.php this is waht it says <?php $glob['adminFile'] = ''; $glob['adminFolder'] = ''; $glob['cache'] = 'file'; $glob['dbdatabase'] = ''; $glob['dbhost'] = 'localhost'; $glob['dbpassword'] = ''; $glob['dbport'] = ''; $glob['dbprefix'] = ''; $glob['dbsocket'] = ''; $glob['dbusername'] = ''; $glob['installed'] = '1'; $glob['install_source'] = 'softaculous'; ?> you will see that the the admin name code i have tried to use to no avail , its takes me to the main page Regards Wil
  8. Hi I lost/ cant find my Code to login for Search engine what I mean is the domain name www.classicbm.com/admin after i upgrades I tried to re install , but told I have the lastest version If use old code http://www.classicbm.com/admin_TSYdCZ.php it takes me to the main wedsite . How make cubecart 6.2.0 think its an earlier version so that i can re install This was in the email https://www.classicbm.com/admin_TSYdCZ.php but des not work Regards Wil
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