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  1. filitel

    Print Order Form

    its working wid new install , cubecart 6.2 i did something wrong, thanks
  2. filitel

    Print Order Form

    i dont have any transaction logs , my website fail the upgrade to cubercart 6.2.0, so i instal all new... it does not complete de order. iam going to install cubecart 6.1.15 and see if it works thansks for your time
  3. filitel

    Print Order Form

    it does not creat an error on file, iam using php 7.0, is that making a diferense ? perhaps something is not active on php version
  4. filitel

    Print Order Form

    first sorry for my bad english, iam from portugal it fails in the last part, i choose print order form , secure checkout, and instead of showing me the form to print, lt show a web pag in blank thanks
  5. filitel

    Print Order Form

    can some one help me ? thsnks
  6. filitel

    Print Order Form

    print order form not working on cubecart 6.2.0