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  1. Hi So I downloaded both includes/global.inc.php files and as you suspected they were somewhat different. So I altered the global.inc.php file for the recipient site to mimic the entries for the donor not the actual relevant information but the $glob entries. added information such as cub_ which was not present and then saved it and uploaded it after a couple of false starts due to syntax errors (my ability to code is rubbish) it now appears to be working. Thank you very much for your input. Regards
  2. No they list the test catagory and test product only and thanks for the response
  3. Hi Guys I have a cubecart 6.2.2 site which I am attempting to clone both the donor and recipient sites are on 6.2.2. The recipient site is a fresh install to which I have uploaded the skins and images directory from the original site. I have downloaded the DB from the original site and the deleted the db on the new site and copied in the db from the existing site. Thats where the problems begin regardless of what skin is being used the catagories and products from the original site do not appear, in fact the only change that can be seen is the copyright notice on the footer. Looking at the database in maintainance I have a string of errors but cannot see how moving the DB between identical sites should cause such errors. Can anyone point me to what i'm doing wrong?
  4. That was a lot less painless than I thought it was going to be. Thank you very much for your help regards Roryt
  5. Hi Ive updated 5 sites from 5.13 to 6.2 had some database issues that were resolved with php admin but it now appears that changes made to the backend of the site are not being reflected on the front. i.e I have added a test product to the backend but a search of the store on the frontend reveals only 1 test that was already there. It would appear that all 5 sites have the same problem so im gussing its 6.2 related. I would appreciate it if anyone has an idea of whats going on. Roryt
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