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  1. Hello,I need to modify Store Collection or even some other shipping option to be able to allow it only to certain customer group.Just that it will be offered only to customer in certain group,for example wholesale customers,etc.Would be anybody willing to help or does anybody know some available plugin to enable certain shipping method only to selected group ? Thanks for any help.David
  2. Thank you for both replies and offers to help me,I will be glad to contact you in need of any help.David
  3. Hi,I got lot of plugins from him and I am relying on his work,looks website is suspended.No answering to emails for some weeks.Does anybody knows what happened with him ? I see plugins are available at cubecar marketplace,but without further upgrades it is going to be a big problem in future.Thanks for any info.David
  4. Hello,is it possible to use other stripe payment methods or is cubecart stripe gateway working only for card payment ? I am confused,because I activated more payment options at stripe account,but on checkout for is available only credit card payment.How is it working ?
  5. Thank you Brian for quick reply and advice,I always appreciate your hast and good help.I was reading the article about upgrade,but somehow I was not sure if I have to compare every version or just the latest.Best regards David
  6. Hi,I have lot of modifications in my store and I need some advice about manual upgrade from 6.1.15 to latest version.I am a bit unsure,if I have to go through all versions and compare files and do sql upgrade for every version or if I can go straight from 6.1.15 to latest,for example to 6.2.8 and make only latest sql upgrade to for version 6.2.8 ? So to make file comparison only between 6.1.15 and 6.2.8 or make all versions step by step ? Thanks advance for advice.DK
  7. Hi Ian,you are right,it was my fault to stay with them so long.Since it was purchased by EIG things were getting worse and worse.I liked Hostgator when I started with them before it was bought by new owner.I regret I did not migrate earlier as it took just couple of hours.Hostgator has overloaded servers and just go I think for quantity of users.I must say,that I was a bit afraid of migration,but Inteserver techhelp made nice fast transfer and helped me to set things on,correct some mail settings,dns,ssl,etc.My site now loads for many locations in about 2 seconds,so I am satisfied.So just hope
  8. Received response from Hostgator,so you were right...it was problem with Apache upgrade.Anyway,I am glad it forced me to migrate,site is working much much better now on new host,no problems,no errors and much faster.So I recommend doing the same,if you use cpanel,migration is fairly easy and fast. ********** Hello, Thank you for contacting Hostgator Support. At this moment I have reviewed the screenshot provided and will like to inform you that this is a known issue, where the IP connecting to the site is not reflecting but rather the IP for the cpanel. This issue started happening
  9. I want to update this issue.I just migrated to new hosting and there is no more problem with ip addreses,so it was obviously problem at my old host (Hostgator).I migrated to interserver,we host there already couple of years our other store running as cs-cart app.It looks,that also cubecart works much better,faster and no more errors.So thanks for this kick,it forced to me move away.Hostgator promissed to look in this issue and solve it,but as far I got no response anymore.
  10. Thank you,I changed this part of code.I decided to move to other host,so I hope it will be than solved.But your work-arround code works,so at least for now it is some solution to solve this issue for a moment.Thank you.I always appreciate your quick and helpful advices.David
  11. Hi,thanks for reply,I am running 6.1.15 and reported ip is website dedicated ip address.I just had no other chance than switching for a short time debugging,just to see variables.Other user who reported same problem is hosted at same provider,I am at hostgator,he at bluehost,so same company and I guess they changed probably some things on their servers.I reported this issue to hostgator,but as far got no response,they said they must escalate it to some higher level tech help.I was already long time considering to move away to other host,so maybe it is just necessary kick... I just checked
  12. Hello,should be this added as new line just bellow or right behind before ";" ??? I added it to every stament as you describe as new line,but no debugging is on. $address = $_SERVER['HTTP_X_CLUSTER_CLIENT_IP']; if(is_object($GLOBALS['debug']))$GLOBALS['debug']->debugMessage('The IP address found at line '.__LINE__.' and is: '.$address); I quickly enabled debugging not limited to my ip address and got this message: PHP: [Notice] /home2/minerals/public_html/store/includes/functions.inc.php:527 - Undefined index: X-Forwarded-For[Notice] /home2/mi
  13. Thanks for answer,I am at Hostgator,so I think it is same company now.I also contacted support,but they said,they have to forward it to some higher tech help.I noticed that all started after 7th March,prior this logs have correct ip addresses.Did you check yours ?
  14. Were you able to solve this problem ? I have same problem since few weeks,made no upgrade,so it looks it is some problem with host/server.So just wondering if it was solved prior contacting my host provider.I checked my cpanel visotorĀ“s log and there all ip addresses of visotors are correct and real ones.
  15. Thank you for explanation,good I have completed my zones prior this problem,so now,if necessary,I can modify it directly in database.
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