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  1. No Problem if it can be resolved this easy. Thank you for creating this great and easy to use product.
  2. I just dropped the unique index and now it works again. thank you very much!
  3. Hi Al, thank you for the fast Reply. I am not an expert in mysql. So you mean I can simply delete the custom_oid entry and create a new one with the same Name or different Name? Or is the a simple update to resolve this?
  4. Just one more add to my post. the customer is added to the database but without any order even if the customer did not wanted to create an account. the errror is displayed instead of the page ...../index.php?_a=complete
  5. Hello, last friday I upgraded out shop from verison 5.0.8 to 6.2.0-b1 and now if a customer places an order he can put in the address data and at after address verification he gets error 404 at the page he should see his ordered goods. if I look at the error log I can see the data of the order and at the end of the message there is the message - Duplicate entry '' for key 'custom_oid' how can I repair this? many thanks in advance.