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  1. chrisg

    admin page not found

    finaly I did find the root cause of the problem. Our provider 1&1 Germany does not only restrict the amount of data but even the amount of files is restricted to about 260.000 and this amount has been reached. After deleting some files I could copy the update files. After startig the update process from 6.2.0 to 6.2.1 now there are about 250.000 files less. Is it possible that this large amount of files filled up the cache folder? when trying to backup the store yesterday it took very very long to backup the cache folder. Is this folder cleaned up by the update process. thank you again very much for helping me and to sort out the problem.
  2. chrisg

    admin page not found

    I think it may be a problem with the webspace. I cannot create new folders. when I want to upload the setup folder I get an error. And I cannot create folders anywhere. I will keep you informed what 1&1 is saying to this. thanks a lot to all of you.
  3. chrisg

    admin page not found

    hi all, does anybody have an idea how to fix this? is it possible to run an update to a more recent version without the admin interface?
  4. chrisg

    admin page not found

    No the quotation marks are in place. Yes in May all worked fine. My co worker told me he accessed the admin page about one week ago and it was fine. within this week we did nothing and now it does not work. Thank you very much up to now.
  5. chrisg

    admin page not found

    The folder name in global.inc.php matched the admin_xxxxx folder name, but I renamed both to have the same name for the folder and the admin_xxx.php. Now I get instead of "page note found" a blank page. The last time I updated the shop was in May and since then I did nothing as everything worked fine.
  6. chrisg

    admin page not found

    thank you for the very fast reply. the admin_xxxxx.php file is the same as it is in the includes/global.inc.php but the directory admin_xxxxx is not the same. do I need to rename the directory to the same as the admin_xxx,php file?
  7. chrisg

    admin page not found

    Hi, after some time not using and logging in to CubeCart admin page of our shop the link to the admin page does not work and we don't get email about orders. customers can put items to the cart and check out but we cannot use the admin portal to do anything. I know the link changed from /admin.php to /admin_xXxXxx.php but it does not work anymore. thanks Christian
  8. No Problem if it can be resolved this easy. Thank you for creating this great and easy to use product.
  9. I just dropped the unique index and now it works again. thank you very much!
  10. Hi Al, thank you for the fast Reply. I am not an expert in mysql. So you mean I can simply delete the custom_oid entry and create a new one with the same Name or different Name? Or is the a simple update to resolve this?
  11. Just one more add to my post. the customer is added to the database but without any order even if the customer did not wanted to create an account. the errror is displayed instead of the page ...../index.php?_a=complete
  12. Hello, last friday I upgraded out shop from verison 5.0.8 to 6.2.0-b1 and now if a customer places an order he can put in the address data and at after address verification he gets error 404 at the page he should see his ordered goods. if I look at the error log I can see the data of the order and at the end of the message there is the message - Duplicate entry '' for key 'custom_oid' how can I repair this? many thanks in advance.