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  1. Dear bsmither, I just wanted to Sincerely say Thank You!! ...so much for all your help! You really tried and did help me a lot, and that is much appreciated. I hope that all future people that you help, realize how lucky and fortunate they are, to have you helping them. They should know. You do great work, thank you bsmither. Sincerely, Mark Hanson worldsbestfun.com
  2. Okay, first, yes, you are correct on the spelling, no period, it was _ You had it spelled right, I mistaking put a period there. next, I followed your instructions and when going back to check, after clearing cache, the first file is still not present in the cache directory, and yes, I did refresh, and leave the dir, came back, still no file. What can I do now? Also, thank you for your help thus far, much appreciated!! Sincerely, Mark
  3. Thank you for the Welcome and Nice reply! That means a lot, thank you! Okay, the element.js.head.php file is in its place okay, but Not the first file you mentioned in the other folder. cache/33db5.js_foot.foundation_20180530061153.js The above file is in that folder, but please notice it is the "Foot...foundation," and not the Head, and you shown....the file you mentioned first, is simply not in the folder, I tripled checked. How do I fix this please? Very swamped with this now. Thank you. Hope to hear from you soon. Sincerely, Mark Hanson please see: worldsbestfun.com .....for the messed up graphs that will not click, some of them, and the carosol that is spread out to 3 demo pics, not working.
  4. Hello, I just installed ver 6 and trying to get my site Functional...and running into problems that ARE NOT "user dummy errors..newbie zone." Please help with this. I installed everything on my own, just fine. Then today buttons like checkout button is UNclickable, and the homepage Carasol shows All three example pics and NOT scrolling! Please see: worldsbestfun.com I am Not a newbie, very experienced, about a 9 out of 10...so it is not me. I need to fix this so I can load products and start...but running into so many errors here, please let me know what happened here at my site okay? .....Also, please CLICK On a "dummy product" and look at the checkout system. It works all the way to where you need to click Checkout after entering name, address, and other info, does Not go to next page, where it should go to paypal checkout. Please check this out thank you. Hope to hear from you soon. Sincerely, Mark Hanson worldsbestfun.com
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