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  1. I actually found the answer. Yes the mod remains the same : TRUNCATE TABLE CubeCart_category_index; INSERT INTO CubeCart_category_index (product_id, cat_id) SELECT product_id, cat_id FROM CubeCart_inventory; On a different note, what does the primary field do in CubeCart_category_index ? Thank you
  2. Hi all, there used to be a simple script required to fix the category counts when the database was populated manually or loaded with a CSV file. The categories have been created/added and now I have about 11000 products to add and all have their allocated category/sub category number. However, after adding a few products as a test the CubeCart_category_index stays empty and all products need to be manually allocated to their individual category. Is the following work around still the same as at https://swscripts.com/cubecart-mods/fixcatcount.html ? I looked in the forum and to my amazement I could not find anything about this. Thank you for your direction, Pippo
  3. Thank you, all sorted now. I actually used " margin-bottom:-1rem; and it fixed the space issue. Exactly what needed. I fixed the background-color and I wonder how to implement alternate rows colors. I tried with : tr:nth-child(even) {background: #CCC} tr:nth-child(odd) {background: #FFF} in cubecart.default.css with .panel. Is this possible at all in css ?
  4. Hi, yes, this succeeded in reducing the gap/space between different lines of content, however, how would one reduce the height to two lines of content only ? Also, if I wanted to change the background colour to white rather than the current shade of grey, where would I action that ? Thank you for all your help. Pippo
  5. Hi, what can we do to remove the interval spacing and remove even more the height of the box or what concerns the row product_list_view ? As you can see at http://www.preserving-football-history.net/world-cup/jules-rimet-cups.html I have all the content over two lines but there is still plenty of space under in the same box and a lot of space between products . I have already reduced the margin to -1.50 but after that it starts overscanning the content out of its box. Can the content be centered ? Thank you for your help, Pippo style="margin: -1.50rem 0"
  6. Hi, I am amending the 'content.category.php' page and I am trying to reduce the height of the rows for what concerns the 'row product_list_view'. I have successfully changed its content but I would like to reduce it as much as possible to be able to show as many products as possible. Where should I look to do that ? The page I am referring to is http://www.preserving-football-history.net/world-cup/jules-rimet-cups.html Thank you, as per usual, for your directives. Regards, Pippo
  7. I have noticed that removing : <div class="large-3 columns show-for-large-up" id="sidebar_left"> {include file='templates/box.featured.php'} {include file='templates/box.popular.php'} {include file='templates/box.sale_items.php'} </div> from "main.php" does the job but then these boxes also disappear from home page. Thank you for your help.
  8. Hi, I have noticed that on each product page, there is always the featured and popular box appearing at the bottom of the page. How do you go about removing it ? Thank you for your help. Regards, Pippo
  9. Hi, made the change but no effect. I should add that this did not happen with previous cubecart version. The cart works well when I put it back on the foundation layout....
  10. Hi, has this issue been acknowledged for ? or is it me doing something wrong ? I am sure that others might have reported it if this was a bug. Regards,
  11. Thank you, here is the link : https://drive.google.com/file/d/1c7Hcp3UPKOeQaFqWtZ1DqK7r7xQ2occM/view?usp=sharing Regards,
  12. I checked config.xml again, it's all renamed. I tried changing the original_name that it was suggested to be left as foundation since the new custom skin derives from it. no change, www.preserving-football-history.net is blank with any foundation derived skin. I have also tried to get an error_log file. I followed the instruction but there are no such files being created in the root folder. All in all, I think you can easily and quickly see yourself if this is a bug. It won't take much to test. I have tested it on most browsers. Thank you, just please let me know if this issue cannot be replicated. In that case I must clearly be doing something wrong myself but I have created several custom skin in the past so I truly do not know....
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