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  1. varesin73@aim.com

    copy of foundation skin fails

    Thank you, here is the link : https://drive.google.com/file/d/1c7Hcp3UPKOeQaFqWtZ1DqK7r7xQ2occM/view?usp=sharing Regards,
  2. varesin73@aim.com

    copy of foundation skin fails

    I checked config.xml again, it's all renamed. I tried changing the original_name that it was suggested to be left as foundation since the new custom skin derives from it. no change, www.preserving-football-history.net is blank with any foundation derived skin. I have also tried to get an error_log file. I followed the instruction but there are no such files being created in the root folder. All in all, I think you can easily and quickly see yourself if this is a bug. It won't take much to test. I have tested it on most browsers. Thank you, just please let me know if this issue cannot be replicated. In that case I must clearly be doing something wrong myself but I have created several custom skin in the past so I truly do not know....
  3. varesin73@aim.com

    copy of foundation skin fails

    no, I had already tried to clear the cache and changing it from storefront (when enabled) makes no difference.
  4. varesin73@aim.com

    copy of foundation skin fails

    Hi, yesterday I installed 6.2.1 and all was good until I duplicated the foundation skin to make my own custom one. I followed the usual information at https://support.cubecart.com/knowledgebase/article/View/202/46/how-do-i-create-a-custom-skin-or-template but whenever I go to the admin page and I load the new skin the actual web page becomes blank. When I put it back to foundation it works alright. This didn't happen with previous versions. Regards
  5. varesin73@aim.com

    font size of top categories in Foundation cc6

    Thank you bsmither, yes I was able to get reduce the font. I still need to play around with the padding which isn't coming our right but at least now I know where to intervene. So I guess changing the background colour of the navigation is amended the same way ? Thank you again, Rick
  6. Hi all, I have tried to find information on how to simply reduce the font size of the top categories on the index page onl ($NAVIGATION_TREE). I tried playing around with : foundation.css box.navigation.php I tried everything but nothing seems to change the end result as size remains always the same. I thought it was going to be a straight forward amendment, but apparently it must be well hidden. Previous similar questions on this topic from a few years ago are also quite confusing. My site is : http://www.preserving-football-history.net/ All in all, I am just trying to get all top categories to appear on 1 line. Thank you for your help, hints, guidance, suggestions.