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  1. Once again I find myself in a bit of a dilema I am uploading products to my site and when it comes to the product description I enter the information and all is well. But when I look at the store front in the brief description I see code but when you click on the item it is the description. Now this does not happen every time but only on random products. Can anyone tell me what I am doing wrong for this to happen. i have tried deleting and the re entering but the same thing happen. so I deleted the description totally and saved so that when you open store front the code is still there in the short description but once you click on the product there is no description. For the life of me I don't know what I am doing wrong. Any suggestion please on how to stop this happening? Thanks in advance
  2. I got it to work you would not belive how long I have been looking at forums and until your reply I couldn't understand how to fix the problem..but with your answer I was able to get the slide working again. I didn't put the 2nd line in only the first and that was what was missing... the site is www.crusinghoonbadges.com.au a big thank you to you bsmither
  3. Hello bsmither thank you for your welcome this is rather scary stuff but I went in as you explained the code was very different...so I copied your example and added it to mine and this is what I have now: <ul class=“bxslider”> <li><a href="{$STORE_URL}/tesa31.html"><img src="skins/foundation/images/examples/slide1.jpg" title="Promotional Message One" /></a></li> <li><img alt="" src="/images/source/2018Slides/slider_Ford_1600x400_1x.jpg" style="width: 1600px; height: 400px;" /></li> <li><img alt="" src="/images/source/2018Slides/Keyrings_Slider_1600x400_1x.jpg" style="width: 1600px; height: 400px;" /></li> <li><img alt="" src="/images/source/2018Slides/Holden_Slider_04_1600x400_1x.jpg" style="width: 1600px; height: 400px;" /></li> <li><img alt="" src="/images/source/2018Slides/Biker_Stock_Shelves_1600x400_1x.jpg" style="width: 1600px; height: 400px;" /></li> <li><img alt="" src="/images/source/2018Slides/Auto_Retro_Badges_slider_05_1600x400_1x.jpg" style="width: 1600px; height: 400px;" /></li> <li><img alt="" src="/images/source/2018Slides/Auto_Retro_Buckles_06_1600x400_1x.jpg" style="width: 1600px; height: 400px;" /></li> <li><img alt="" src="/images/source/2018Slides/Auto_Retro_Biker_Bdg_07_1600x400_1x.jpg" style="width: 1600px; height: 400px;" /></li> <li><img alt="" src="/images/source/2018Slides/Biker_Assort_Slider.jpg" style="width: 1800px; height: 400px;" /></li> </ul> <p>&nbsp;</p> Am I on the right track? It is just so hard for me I feel like a real dill, when it comes to trying to change or improve things within the site....for major jobs I usually ask my hosting guy to help but he has not been answering my emails perhaps he has gone on holidays. that is why I am trying to muddle my way through as currently the only thing I have on my Home page is the Banner with the company logo on it and the catagories. I think I stuffed it up big time. I will try now to go and see if this fix works thank you for your time and your reply much appreciated.
  4. Hello all I am new to this site but need some help I accidentally deleted a home page document which had my sliders so I created another documents page but now when I add my slider pictures they all come one under each other on my homepage they do not slide as they did before, I have searched and searched but can not find anything that will help me reinstate my slides ....do I have to go and do something within my cPanel to fix this problem. I usually do not ever go into my cPanel and I have no idea what to do in there, in the past if I have needed to go into the cPanel I have asked for Tech help rather than crashing the whole system. I know my way a little around the Admin side but that is about it.. Is there a way to get back the document I accidentally deleted? I would be grateful for any help with this. Thanks in advance Regards Irene
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