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  1. Well, hello everyone, i would introduce myself and follow more recomended guidelines of courtesy but i dont really see the need, i do apoligize ahead for my poor english, it isnt my main languaje but i manage. Anyway, i would like to get help in a situation i got, im a graphic designer at this cosmetics shop, i have been managing the social media and internal designs, recently they decided to hire someone to make them a website, wich im obligated to manage and "decorate" they gave me basicly an empty template and a very restricted "admind" user where i can only control the "Documents" and "Invoice editor" Features... now my biggest issue is, i never really managed web anything but doing the graphical arts for time to time a while ago and with specified parameters, so i got absolutely no knowledge about php, html, etc etc etc, so for the time beign i have managed to dig some basic stuff on the internet but im stuck at the moment with changing the background color to #FADBD8 of the entire site, ive tried many things mainly in the "welcome" document but none seem to work or they work untill i change anything else, so it to totally eliminates the code line from the HTML Source editor by itself (for some reason) and also i keep getting this line <p>&nbsp;</p> under every other line every time i edit the "welcome" document, doesnt matter what i did to it, any help, guides, tutorials for the dumb you would recommend would be highly apreciated. thanks in advance.