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  1. Hi bsmither, It worked a treat, thank you for your help it is appreciated
  2. Hi keat, Yes, too many clicks are not good. Most customers want to be in and out, simple. Your mod appears to be the answer, I hope you don't mind me saying, but I would prefer the price to be updated on a change of options. A number of skins don't update till you put it in the basket, Foundation skin works when changing an option until I enter text in to the text required field (i.e. the text to be engraved). I've bookmarked your site, will come in useful for some colleagues. Thank you for taking the time to respond and your advice. Pete Just noticed you use absolute prices.
  3. Hi, I've stopped the price, quantity and add to cart showing on the 'category home page' , rem'd out the lines in content.category.php, appears to have done the job. Sometimes they say a little knowledge is dangerous, I certainly have a little knowledge, but then you just have to give it a go...
  4. Hi, I'm trying cubecart for the first time, so this could have a simple answer, I hope. I'm selling engraved signs and each sign has a few variables. These are grouped by material type initially and some fall into more than one group, therefore I have used categories for the groups. My issue is when selecting a category I'm taken to a page (I'll call it 'category home page') with the default price on and an initial quantity of one, not much help as I may want to change size, colour etc. When I select one of the items I'm taken to the page where the sign can be customised, this page I like very much and does all I need. With only one material type in the category the 'category home page' serves no purpose, can it be eliminated? With more than one material type in the category the 'category home page' is required, but the cost and quantity are meaningless at this point, can they be eliminated. Any help would be appreciated, even if it's to take a different approach. I'm using the foundation skin. Many thanks, Pete
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