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  1. daveherr

    Credit Card Form

    Thanks b, and yes, it's Stripe 2.1.1. Good suggestion to go in deep via developer tools. Even if I could just wrap their pasted HTML in a DIV or something, that might be enough 😕
  2. daveherr

    Credit Card Form

    After the customer enters their address info, they choose a payment option and go on to the credit card number entry form. Realizing the HTML has to be adaptable to tons of display formats, is there a way to enlarge, or better yet, simply SHOW the form fields in the entry area? I'm not sure it's intuitive to expect people to just click around until they find the (hidden) fields with text instructions just nearby. Would this kind of formatting contained within the CSS of Foundation or the Stripe module? I've searched and searched but evidently for the wrong strings.