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  1. Oh wow, so 6.5.0b is where you are now. As I said, little site, so indeed they are on shared hosting. This may have been discussed at length in other topics in your forum while I've been away, but it's related to my immediate upgrade - is this where amateur stores sort of get separated from pro? What I mean is: if Elasticsearch isn't available through this ISP (haven't checked yet), it kind of seems like CC will be split, with two sets of updates from then on, one for those not able to run Elasticsearch, and those who can?
  2. HOLY MOLY I set up a small CC store for a client 2-3 years ago, then passed it back to the client who intended to get a family member/different person to take care of the week-to-week maintenance of their humble store. Last month the original client died due to COVID complications and his wife is going to attempt to keep things going. Long story short: the site is still running 6.2.4. While the store seems to be operating well still, are there any suggestions as to bringing the site up to your current standards and protections? Unfortunately they required several customizations mostly to the various messages displayed during the checkout process and subsequent email confirmations, so of course I can't just drop in newer 6.4.4 folders....
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