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  1. Definitely, a separate product with both types in one.
  2. Hello b, Normally the DVD product is stand-alone, no digital option. Likewise for the digital version, no physical copy. But I think I see where you're going with this.
  3. Could someone help figure out a workaround for a special product item that includes both digital AND hard copies? 1) The DVD set is normally set up for shipping at 1.5 pounds and the USPS shipping module uses my "flat rate" config checkbox to add the static amount, and the standard shopping cart confirmation emails are sent correctly to buyer and admin. 2) The digital version is provided through a third-party site for video hosting, so for CC to treat it correctly and send the additional email confirmation (with digital download specifics), I add the URL into the product's "Digital"
  4. Ok, so maybe the chugging isn't isolated to Stripe. It seems PayPal will process the transaction a little cleaner or quicker? At least the customer gets to their last page alright. However, the confirmation emails aren't sent. of course, until the next step via the CC admin screens. But on the Orders page in CC admin, when I tried changing the status of that person's order from Pending to Processing, I get a timeout before the Orders screen is reloaded to show the update.
  5. I'm getting a Gateway Timeout message in the browser window right at the end of credit card transactions using the Stripe extension in CC 6.2.2. The process appears to be working in the background, as while the sluggish transaction is occurring, the confirmation emails all come through one by one. Is there a setting to increase the processing period within CC or the Stripe extension? With my ISP, they increased the application timeout to 300 seconds, but I'm still getting the incomplete/error message.
  6. Works beautifully! Many, many thanks. I feel like I can breathe again. I agree with @markosolo: a donation is definitely in order. Also thanks to @Jeff Barton for submitting the official request.
  7. Al, this is wonderful news - thank you! The issue seemed baked in, maybe present for a while? In any case, how might we implement this change on existing test/live installations? Is the hidden-value change you made within the core files of CC 6.2.2 (not a bug?) or in a payment gateway extension?
  8. Ugh. Sadly, yesterday I had to face a similar conclusion: after many weeks making a very small store as good as I could for this client, I cannot wish away odd behavior like this, which comes at a crucial emotional point in the customer’s workflow. I understand the need to integrate valid addressing into the payment process, but realizing once more that the “Secure Checkout” button has to be clicked ::three:: times after the addresses are entered? Sloppy. Just wish I was strong enough in php to figure out a cure myself.
  9. I can't agree more. I've tried rewriting the dialog box statement to try to explain, account for, or apologize for the embarrassing double submit, when to the customer it appears nothing external has changed. Great system with several very nice touches, but I wonder why and how long this weird behavior has survived. Did I mention I really like CC? Others must as well, even though they've run into -and apparently ignored- this odd quirk before? I was teaching a MS Office class in a computer lab when one of the students shrieked and said "Am I getting hacked?!?" I guess his screen sort of
  10. Thanks b, and yes, it's Stripe 2.1.1. Good suggestion to go in deep via developer tools. Even if I could just wrap their pasted HTML in a DIV or something, that might be enough
  11. After the customer enters their address info, they choose a payment option and go on to the credit card number entry form. Realizing the HTML has to be adaptable to tons of display formats, is there a way to enlarge, or better yet, simply SHOW the form fields in the entry area? I'm not sure it's intuitive to expect people to just click around until they find the (hidden) fields with text instructions just nearby. Would this kind of formatting contained within the CSS of Foundation or the Stripe module? I've searched and searched but evidently for the wrong strings.
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