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  1. Brilliant! That was it. Just had to add an exception for outgoing traffic via HTTPS. Thanks for the clue!
  2. Looks like the Request log is showing timeout errors. Any idea how to address these timeouts? Request Sent - https://www.google.com/recaptcha/api/siteverify?secret=6LeE93IUAAAAAAcPSniZ87iFANQlbZaiWxJTw7kA&response=03AL4dnxrR8P5aW37oLzCkR_HAU5upJRDSP0dLuRBuNIdgKovpRtioS_qPdGxfrDZgbmtflPikG8nhn1NtHXluzGDcgAy5IjCItQSUuzV66KQgn4SLBwWygcOv_GgtTkbsOcKp26cwxTLiQaNh-Vnisecret=6LeE93IUAAAAAAcPSniZ87iFANQlbZaiWxJTw7kA&response=03AL4dnxrR8P5aW37oLzCkR_HAU5upJRDSP0dLuRBuNIdgKovpRtioS_qPdGxfrDZgbmtflPikG8nhn1NtHXluzGDcgAy5IjCItQSUuzV66KQgn4SLBwWygcOv_GgtTkbsOcKp26cwxTLiQaNh-Vnim1W6Wm_6asVDdYzhH2av4vQqzcjSYPscwdLsABRiaVqspTBcn2DOXVMp9rHEzJ7sdmqzNB2yLA55gthZsgudMVf4NuPByWoi6X4HzPh9ElL4czEZuzbd2SM6_9aCdb-ICzn3GhECJIUYpkEDKmwLZ5t89ZFX37tF0Zg&remoteip=***.***.***.*** Error:cURL Error (28): Connection timed out after 15000 milliseconds Response received
  3. Having issues with reCAPTCHA. This is a new installation on a new server (AWS EC2) using the latest cubecart code (6.2.2) with the foundation skin. When attempting to checkout, I keep getting the following error: The verification code was incorrect. Please try again. - I tried to delete my Google reCAPTCHA keys and start again (thinking it was a configuration error the first time around) but that didn't seem to make any difference. - The cubecart admin setting is for `Invisible reCAPTCHA (Recommended)` - The reCAPTCHA admin is also set for Invisible and has the correct domain settings (even added the public EC2 address for good measure) Really puzzled why this isn't working. Any suggestions? Anything I missed? Also worth noting that I do see this badge in the bottom right corner... saying that this site is protected by reCAPTCHA.
  4. Hopefully it does, because I JUST switched hosting providers because the old one couldn't handle the updated CubeCart versions. I REALLY don't want to have to do that again any time soon.
  5. Yeah, I'm figuring out that a shared cert won't cut it @havenswift-hosting Was hoping I could get away with CloudFlare's simple SSL setup. Will play with Let's Encrypt and get things configured properly.
  6. Thanks @noodleman for the tip. But how do I check the cookie domain if I can't access the admin? Nevermind, I figured out how to get in. Had to use the IP address instead of the normal URL. Now that I'm in, I agree that it's the cookie domain that's been the issue. Now to figure out how to get a shared SSL cert working. Thanks again, @Noodleman
  7. Recently upgraded from an super old version of CubeCart (v3 I believe) to 6.2.1. Everything went great and had no issues logging into the admin after the upgrade. Then yesterday I tried to access the admin again (after not working on this project for a few days), but it's not letting me in. I enter my username and password, but get redirected back to the same login screen with no error message. Screenshot: Haven't not touched anything for a few days, I'm confused why my admin login suddenly stopped working. I've tried multiple things, but nothing has worked so far. Confirmed that the admin variables in global.inc.php match the page I'm going to Cleared all the caches I could think of (deleted browser cookies and cache as well as deleted the contents of the /store/cache directory via FTP) Tried multiple admin users (three of which I was able to access last week) Reset password for my admin account manually (added new password in the database, cleared the salt field, and changed new_password to 0) Made sure that the CubeCart_blocker table was cleared out Upgraded to the latest version 6.2.2 (from 6.2.1) and still no change. Grasping at straws at this point. Here's a few clues I've noticed: I was unable to login using Chrome (my default browser) or Safari. But funny enough, Firefox let me log in yesterday afternoon! But alas, today I tried to login via Firefox and it's giving me the same issue of redirecting to the login screen. When I manually reset my password again this morning (with salt field empty), after attempting to login, the database still has the salt field empty, so it doesn't seem like it's even trying to login (access the db). Any idea on where to go from here? Appreciate any help!
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