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  1. Thank you bsmither, the zendesk account section doesn't clearly indicate how the site ID token should look like and how many symbols it should include. Instead they are giving a full script at their Settings->Widget->Embed Web Widget section, which contains something similar to site ID token given <!-- Start of Zendesk Widget script --> <script id="ze-snippet" src="https://static.zdassets.com/ekr/snippet.js?key=xxx-xxxx-xxxxx-xxxxxxxx-xxxxxxx"> </script> <!-- End of Zendesk Widget script --> Yet the key value contains four instances of hypenation and a " quotation mark at the end, hence full symbol count is 37 rather than 32 requested in CubeCart's ZendDesk Chat V 1.0.1 plugin. Might be the API option has to be activated at the ZENDESK site's account and the active operating site's ID then will be created and given, but since 1 month has already past, this feature is restricted now. All in all the plugin's integration isn't straightforward and intuitive enough. Though should be pretty simple even for a novice CubeCart user. The site I am testing it now is www.easyflags.uk, and only works on two pages I've pasted the script manually. Thank you, can you clarify where the site's ID token is found in the ZendDesk's user account at their site? Does the API needs being activated so that the API token is generated and this is pasted into site ID bar at the CubeCart's ZendDesk plugin's settings?
  2. Have activated the plugin, registered with zendesk. Thought if you enter the key value into site ID bar the 'Chat' icon would be appearing on every page by default on CubeCart 6 store. Unfortunately this doesn't work at all. And I ended up pasting the raw code containting the Site ID value into every page manually. Thus it started working. But the pages that don't have the zendesk provided chat code won't show the chat icon... Must be some sort of issue within the plugin preventing it from commuincating with zendesk online account.
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