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  1. I'll hang out for Al to comment, see what he says as he was the one that created it for me. thanks
  2. hmmm who knows... so if I do a normal update the extension should still work fine?
  3. aha yep, he's called it FluidForce custom module. I'm assuming this would've been coded into the template somewhere though? not sure how the module work particularly... I've updated another site previously and have lost a module I had purchased for it and it needed reinstalling (not by Al)
  4. I've no idea how he did it... was hoping he'd remember. The site is fluidforcenz.com
  5. Hi there, Al did a custom mod on my website to not automatically allow people to access the pricing just by registering (registration needs approval now) and the site needs upgrading, am I able to do that through the automatic upgrade within cubecart or will that get rid of the modifications made? Currently I've lost my sitelock badge due to vulnerabilities in cubecart because it's out of date. Version 6.2.2 is available but I'm running 6.1.13. thanks
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