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  1. So just to clarify, in the following instructions the "http://" is changed to "https://" in two places, which made it work for me. Initially I'd changed the "http://" only line 27 and got a banner saying that it had failed to update, but it's working fine now after changing both.

    From the post here:https://github.com/cubecart/v6/issues/2165


    So, in settings.currency.inc.php, find:

    if (($request = new Request('www.ecb.europa.eu', '/stats/eurofxref/eurofxref-daily.xml')) !== false) {
      $rates_xml = $request->send();

    Change to:

    if (($request = new Request('www.ecb.europa.eu', '/stats/eurofxref/eurofxref-daily.xml')) !== false) {
      $rates_xml = $request->send();

    A few lines later, find:

    $rates_xml = file_get_contents('http://www.ecb.europa.eu/stats/eurofxref/eurofxref-daily.xml');

    Change to:

    $rates_xml = file_get_contents('https://www.ecb.europa.eu/stats/eurofxref/eurofxref-daily.xml');



  2. Cubecart v 6.2.2
    Browser Chrome
    Windows 10

    Hi. I'm new to Cubecart and have set up a new store over the last two weeks which is now live. 

    I've pretty much got all of it going to my liking. I've installed the Kurouto skin and noted that a few options stopped working, such as "hide document title". This is not a big issue and I can live with it, but the following problem is bugging me. When I first installed I tried the currency update option it worked fine and it fetched the rates no problem. Now I try it and all I get is a blank screen and the following error in the system error log:

    [Exception] /home/tvcommco/public_html/store/admin_xxxxxx/sources/settings.currency.inc.php:37 - String could not be parsed as XML

    If anyone could point me to a solution I'd be very grateful. My store address is https:www.welovefabric.co.uk/store

    Thank you.

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