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  1. and this is for v6 i think ? im using v5 cube cart
  2. hello need help to make 2 columns home page. example change in skin <!-- Latest Products Listings --> {if isset($fusion) && is_object($fusion) && $LATEST_PRODUCTS} <div class="row-fluid"> <div class="products latest-products" data-columns="{$fusion->get('latest_product_listings_grid_columns')}"> {foreach from=$LATEST_PRODUCTS item=product} {include iteration="{[email protected]}" columns="{$fusion->get('latest_products_per_row')}" file="skins/{$SKIN_FOLDER}/templates/element.product.php"} {/foreach} </div> </div> {/if} <!-- Latest Products Listings 2 --> {if isset($fusion) && is_object($fusion) && $LATEST2_PRODUCTS} <div class="home-sec-head home-sec-head-c"> </div> <div class="row-fluid"> <div class="products latest-products" data-columns="{$fusion->get('latest_product_listings_grid_columns')}"> {foreach from=$LATEST2_PRODUCTS item=product} {include iteration="{[email protected]}" columns="{$fusion->get('latest_products_per_row')}" file="skins/{$SKIN_FOLDER}/templates/element.product.php"} {/foreach} </div> </div> {/if} =============== need to make it work second code. $LATEST2_PRODUCTS please any one help me how to make it work. like we select latest product for home page .. . same we can select second latest product. for home page. and that show in second columns thanks for help
  3. Hello i need help about Fusion and vector Skin for Cubecart version 6 right now we using vector skin on version 5. we need to upgrade it for cubecart version 6 *(latest version) there is way to upgrade it ? anybody can update it ? please let me know thank you
  4. Hello. im facing some issue with my site. we selling digital product. and some one placing fake orders not even received the payment and its go on complete order and download the product. im using cube cart version CubeCart Version 5.2.17 PHP Version 5.4.45 how can we control order status ? i did not seen option in store setting . i want to control even the payment is made order status stay pending ? or until not complete as we get the payment ?
  5. Hello Sir, im using Cubecart v5.2.17 , skin vector im getting error on site recaptcha v1 shutdown. how to solve this problem please help me out. i check the file in skin location /skins/vector/templates/content.recaptcha.php file is attached for check code. what to do next how to solve this issue. ? content.recaptcha.php
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